Priestess Anastasia Love is interviewed by Gail Spiritstar

Priestess Anastasia Love is interviewed by Gail Spiritstar

Our featured Priestess for this season of the Lover is, very appropriately, Anastasia Love.  Gail Spiritstar interviews Anastasia who shows us her beautiful home Yoga Studio and Temple space in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.  Anastasia was initiated as a Priestess of Cerridwen at Llyn Tegid, Bala Lake, in Wales in 2022.  

She is so irrepressibly enthusiastic and welcoming, she didn’t let Gail just sit back and ask interview questions but involved her fully: singing; conducting ceremonies of mutual appreciation and all kinds of fire jumping shenanigans!  Watch the interview to learn about Anastasia’s call to Cerridwen, her daily personal devotional practice and her service in her community.  Hear about Priestess Anastasia’s new venture of a pop-up Goddess Temple in her home town of Barrie, inspired by her visit to four fabulous Goddess Temples in the UK.  You are invited to join Anastasia and her husband Christopher Love online at their Beltane Ceremony on Sunday the 30th April 2023: Beltane Ceremony

Check out these Facebook pages for more information Anastasia J Love and Loving Spirit Yoga

Priestess Anastasia Love, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Priestess Anastasia Love

Anastasia followed her dream to become a yoga teacher and it has been her career for over 25 years. Certified in Yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong, advanced Crystal Healing Arts,Thai Yoga Massage and now a Certified Priestess of Cerridwen.

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