Ignited by Her Breath

Ignited by Her Breath

I am the flame of change dancing in a dance of unwavering heights with the breath of Goddess herself.

Together we mould, we expand, we shrink, we reach to the heavens of delight, ecstasy our bedfellow, passion our rite.

Ours is the movement of light within, for the shortest breath catches the spark and the dance begins.

I dance in the darkest of times, cleansing in movement, scorching away grime.

I am the transformation of the light and fuel to your fears, your doubts and your plights, embrace me, accept me for I am there.

The Flame of Cerridwen ignited by her breath of air.

By Susie Trigg

Susie Trigg

Susie Trigg is a Second Spiral Priestess of Cerridwen and lives in the South Downs National Park Hampshire, UK. Cerridwen’s love and compassion flows through Susie in her vocation as a carer/Support Worker. In her free time Susie channels Cerridwen’s Cosmic/Goddess Art and also enjoys craftwork, writing, connecting in nature and walking her little dog. You can often find Susie visiting Glastonbury!

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