I Promise Her – Song to Cerridwen by Tina Morgan

I Promise Her – Song to Cerridwen by Tina Morgan

This Earth season is the perfect time to reflect on what we can do personally and collectively to reverse harm and damage to our beautiful planet. Sister of Cerridwen, Tina Morgan, invites us to join her in this beautiful and powerful song. Will you promise, too? 




Tina Morgan

Apprentice Sister of Cerridwen ( Still learning, always learning, never stop learning).

I am Mother to 5 children and Nanna to one. Studying a modern language degree with the Open University and a first spiral apprentice on the Priestess of Cerridwen course run by Bee Helygen. I have read Tarot for 40 years and have practised energy healing for almost as long.

I am Menopausal, extremely batty, have ADHD and am on the Autistic Spectrum, I live in Brynamman South Wales with cats ( one of whom has aspirations to subjugate all humans and become their evil overlord )and an insane Labrador who truly believes that she is the incarnation of “Skippy the Kangaroo”. Despite the barbed wire fence and land mines by my front door, two of my adult children have found me and moved back in….I am currently writing this from my secret underground bunker in a back garden……somewhere in Wales…..

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