Priestess Erendira introduces us to four powerful crystal allies to help us connect with Elemental Dragons.


Walking the wheel of Cerridwen, during my Priestess training, I discovered the forces of the dragons; the primal source of Cerridwen the Dark Mother herself.  From Her I understood the emanation of the first forces of life that take life from that great cauldron of darkness of Cerridwen and that those are the elemental forces of the dragons – the dragons that balance in each cardinal point and that give life to the elements. The forces that sustain creation emanated from the sacred vessel of our dark Mother Cerridwen.

Those primal forces of creation gave life to the kingdoms – the mineral kingdom, the herbal kingdom, and the animal kingdom.

In those kingdoms, the energies and knowledge of the dragons are present as creative forces and that is why we can work with dragons through plants and  minerals.

And, speaking of minerals, which are another of my passions, I would like to share with you four minerals in which the knowledge of the elemental dragons is present, and that’s why we can work with the balance of our own elements.



Dragon Jasper

In the fire element I have found that the Dragon’s Blood Jasper connects us with the ancestral lineage that gave birth to the dragons.

The Dragon’s Blood Jasper helps us to understand their primal strength, their different energies and elements and when we use it in our daily work it helps us to have the will to take action, it helps us to find our personal power and apply it to our will.



In the water element I found this beautiful mineral that gives us the strength of the water dragons and teaches us how to balance our emotions. 

PietersitePietersite is known as the ‘stone of the tempest’ and is connected with the water element.  Pietersite teaches us that the tempest is in our emotions, that’s why it  gives us the strength to recover our emotions and thus be neutral in times of chaos.

Pietersite is very good for balancing ourselves  in times of anxiety and helps us  to recover our state of mind.



In the earth element, I want to share with you a particular type of obsidian.

Dragon ObsidianAround the world we have many types of obsidian but this is exclusive to Mexico, where we used to call it Dragon Obsidian or Huichol Obsidian. The Huichol tribe are the guardians of peyote and the guardians of the land where this great medicine was born, and from this same land emerges the beautiful Dragon Obsidian. 

This tribe knows the changes of the earth, their phases and cycles, and they know how to work in a very sacred way with Mother Earth who holds them and in which they are keepers of their knowledge

Dragon Obsidian is black and has the four colours of the elements in the shape of scales, red, blue, green and yellow.

This mineral teaches us how to know our own elements in our mind, our body and our spirit, and teaches us to have stability and how to be our own support as well as how  to support others who we come into contact with.

Dragon Obsidian helps us to work with our physical strength. 

It heals us from physical pain and opens our awareness to the fact that we are one being working in union with our interior elements, mind, body and spirit.



Black OpalIn the air element, I want to mention a one of a kind mineral, the Black Opal.

This beautiful opal teaches us the characteristic of the moment of creation within the chaos – it´s a completely dark mineral and in every piece we can see the colours of the universe, the power of the air that connects us with the Goddess and to everything that exists in Her, the mineral that places us at the moment in which we are in the sacred womb of the Goddess, in communication only with Her, She is nourishing us and giving us a breath of life.

The Black Opal helps us to work with our own guardian dragon and with our Higher Self. It opens our understanding of the things we cannot see, it helps us to receive information from Cerridwen who is holding us in challenging  times.

Those are some of the minerals which I have worked with, and which relate to the dragons as primary forces of Cerridwen. There are some other options which are also very good when working with the elements and with specific situations. If you want more information about dragons, send me a message via instagram or Facebook and stay tuned for our monthly newsletter where I share a section about dragons.

I hope you have enjoyed  learning about these minerals – thank you very much and blessed be.



Eréndira de Rincón, Priestess of Cerridwen

Mexico City, Mexico

Eréndira - Priestess of Cerridwen

Priestess of the Goddess in the Avalonian tradition, Priestess of the Rose lineage, Priestess of Cerridwen, tarot teacher and reader and runes teacher and reader.




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