A Great Time for Release — Coconut Water Ritual

A Great Time for Release — Coconut Water Ritual

An amazing opportunity presented itself with the beginning of Imbolc to reflect, and to continue to hunger for rebirth and transformation. With the earth’s energy, the sun’s rays above us all, the germinations all around us, the burgeoning of a glorious new day, it is easy for all of us to sense that nature is calling us to a communion of mind, heart, and soul. A dear friend of mine recently shared with me that the healing can start when we acknowledge and accept that we  all have tendencies that are not healthy for us. From childhood to adulthood, trauma has indeed changed our perception of ourselves and others, and we need reframing of it if we truly want to heal and grow. 

In releasing and cleansing, I would like to humbly share a tool that I have used and have felt great release from — a cleansing, healing and releasing ritual that was shared with me by a South African healer a couple of years ago. My journey with Goddess Cerridwen, in particular this season of the wheel as we contemplate her as Goddess of the water, has made this ritual even more profound and significant to me. Water in its premier principle is a powerful force. Do you see the strengths of its waves in the ocean, or at a waterfall? Have you also just basked in its serenity lying on the pool and feeling supported and at peace? Have you ever stood under your shower and used the power of imagination to tap into its healing powers? Or have you simply gone deep into the belly of the earth in meditation and have found rivers of peace? Water is powerful.

For this ritual you will need:

7 mature coconuts full of its water. 

A dedicated bowl

40 minutes of your time


This ritual will be repeated on seven consecutive days with one coconut per day. The symbolism of the coconut is truly a powerful one. The hard shell of the coconut is said to represent our egos. The protection and roughness of often-erected shields against perceived future traumas are often what stops us from growing. The flesh and the water inside the coconut are said to represent our true beauty, our light, our true essence. So, in piercing the eyes of the coconut to extract its water, we break through our carapaces and release who we are truly meant to be.

First step: The ritual will start with the creation of a sacred space by calling in Goddess Cerridwen, the four elements Water, Air, Fire and Earth; our ancestors of highest truth and love to witness and help in the releasing of those things that no longer serve us; and any animal, plant and crystal spirit protectors that you would like in the circle to witness and to help you in your commitment to grow, transform and heal.

The second step will be to pierce one of the eyes of the coconut shell to release the water into the bowl. As you release the water from the coconut, great affirmations/words of wisdom should be spoken for your life. You should clearly visualise your intentions in doing the ritual. I often visualise Goddess Cerridwen of Water as I look at the coconut water flowing from the eyehole into the bowl. Water represents a great portal and a formidable ally to usher in free flow, healing and release. Indeed, an opportunity here presents itself to add the power of the word and the power of visualisation to will and speak into physical existence that which was before in the spiritual realm. So, Mote it be. ASE (1)

 I will transgress a bit and talk about the power of our tongue in setting magic during ceremonies. I experienced it when I visited the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury last year where each person that came into the temple was first smudged before they could enter the heart of the temple. Bee Helygen initiated the first smudging and as she smudged, she spoke. Her words were like magic. I was fascinated as I looked on. As she smudged, she blessed, as she smudged, she spoke words of healing and blessings. It was both powerful and empowering. 

Going back to the coconut ritual, for the third step, after you have extracted the water into the bowl, you should kneel in the centre of the sacred space, imagining your Priestess/Priest self in front of you helping you in the ritual.  You would then pour the liquid onto your head/crown chakra, and you would speak the following words three times:

“I, give your Full name, daughter of “Mother’s name”, Daughter of “Father’s name”.

“I release you, heal and free you”.

You will then proceed to speak words of blessings upon your life. It is the time to set your intention on what exactly you desire to let go of, visualising all that doesn’t serve you, all that is holding you back from growing, seeing it all washing away as the coconut water drips on all parts of your body. You could also choose to focus on the chakras that are not balanced, always starting from your crown and ensuring that the coconut water touches the chakras you would like to balance.  Again, here speak words of life, healing and balance to them. You can let the coconut water dry for five minutes on your body and take a regular bath afterwards. 

This ritual is not just  symbolic of freedom, but it is also said to have virtues for cleansing and energising your aura.




Efa Ajdavon

Cerridwen Priestess in training


(1) ASE in the  African Yoruba language means power, command and authority, it is almost like ‘So mote it be’. We use it in west Africa after a sentence is spoken to represent the power that makes things happen.

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