Cerridwen Cards by Priestess Reti Toriella – Spirals 1 and 2

Cerridwen Cards by Priestess Reti Toriella – Spirals 1 and 2

These cards were born from the inspiration to bring together Cerridwen’s allies — Her animals, trees, plants and crystals — from both the first and second spirals. Each card expresses the essence of Cerridwen, Her cycle of creation through the year and the process of transformation. They are a summary of the natural energies for the time of year, showing changes in nature and key words to help us connect deeper with Cerridwen.

No matter where you go, if you have this little pack of cards with you, you’ll always have a guide to turn to. You can ask for guidance and the symbols on the card will speak to you in simple and understandable language. So, you can hear gentle whispers from the plants that appear on your path to heal your body. You can receive greetings from animals and birds who want to bring messages from the Otherworld. Or you can find the right tree that the card recommends, sitting with it in peace and quiet in order to hear the answers to your questions.

These cards are also like a small altar. You can carry them around in your bag and create a blessed place to connect with Cerridwen when needed. And the prayer is written on the cover so that you will always remember it.

These cards have no explanation. Their meanings and content are so rich that it is difficult to put them in a few sentences. If you have decided to embark on the Cerridwen journey and are lucky enough to become a student of Priestess Bee Helygen, the meanings of these cards will unfold  for you. They are for expressing your own inner truth and knowledge.


New Spiral 2 Deck

This deck has just been published:

The 9 Faces of Cerridwen. Throughout the whole year, She walks with nature, changing in every season, being once again ready for new challenges in the spring, blooming as a passionate rose in the summer and reaching ripe abundance by the autumn, then climbing into Her cauldron to sow new seeds when winter and darkness come. 

[Reti uses these cards as a focus for the guided journeys she shares with us.]

Spiral 1 Cards

Spiral 2 Cards

Their price is 20 euros and the shipping costs are within 20 euros.

If you visit my FB page, Cauldron Creates, you will find these cards and a few more of my creations there. If you want to order something for yourself, you can pay through a Paypal account.


Some Appreciation for Reti’s Cards

“These really are beautiful cards. The images are wonderful aids to deep reflection and they are packed with information about the different aspects of Cerridwen as the wheel turns. They come safely held in a wallet in the same design as the cards. Thank you for my pack, I am keeping them close at hand.” Priestess Gail Spiritstar Roberts

“I saw pictures of these from the Gathering, and have been longing for a pack ever since. I can’t tell you how much I treasure my spiral 1 pack, and having the beauty and magic that you bring to everything on my altar always.” Priestess Kate Greenwood


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Reti Toriella, Priestess of Cerridwen, Estonia

Reti Toriella

I am She who loves nature and forests, runs across the fields with the fox, paints and prays for life. Art therapist and Soul healer.

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  1. Oh thank you my dearest sisters for this beautiful words and for loving my art. My heart is full of gratitude creating together with Cerridwen.

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