Cerridwen Family and Friends

Cerridwen Family and Friends

Guidance from Mother Cerridwen

A message from Mother Cerridwen channelled by Miriam Shekinah, Cerridwen’s Sacred Raven. 


Sometimes the best service to me is the greatest service to thyself.

As we enter into Samhain and enter the long dark nights of this season, it’s a time of rest and reflection. A time where the veils of the other worlds are thin and near. A time where your Spirit Allies are so very close and your Ancestors even closer.

So, the greatest service to me as my Cerridwen family and community is your very own self-care. Come and stand with me and look into the darkness of your despair, worry and fear, take the time to sit and ask me to help you release the illusions that have blocked your path back into a life of simplicity.

At this time the need for a simpler way of life is among us.

I ask you to surrender to the sweetness of my Cauldron, the worry and changes that are happening around you. Be like the water and allow all to flow. Surrender to me and trust.

My Children, your greatest service to me is your very own self-care, with trust and faith that I hold you. As every single cell in your body frees itself from illusion, you will hold the light of a thousand stars that walk on Earth. That brings great service, great ease and joy to me and assists Mother Gaia to rise. Your light will shine to others.

My Dear Ones, self-care and self-love is not selfish. Rid yourself of that illusion and call to me in the darkest of your nights. I will hold your hand, shine my light and stand by your side when you call to me. It is then, Dear Children, you will feel peace.

Step by step, the service to Thyself is service to me — coming home into your heart where the fires of my hearth reside and where our deep connection is made. Every step into your heart is a step closer to me.    Mother Cerridwen

Miriam Shekinah, Cerridwen’s Sacred Raven,Priestess of Cerridwen

Cauldron image by Bee Helygen

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  1. I Really felt this message …thank you for sharing that….picture of the cauldren is very calming..

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