Be the Wild Woman Witch that You’re Daring to Be

Be the Wild Woman Witch that You’re Daring to Be

It’s not every day that I write poetry, that’s not really how I work. The Awen sparks within me in such a way that my creative word comes out in a myriad of ways.
Poetry, folk songs, spellsongs, and prayers. Psalms, short stories, longer tales, journals and blogs. Every day I write, but poetry is birthed only when something really brews within the heart to my inner cauldron of creativity. 

This particular poem was born on the April New Moon, 2023, a time when I sat in quiet contemplation with the Goddess Cerridwen. Together we spoke of the shadow of insecurity, and how it scars so many young women — a scar that often stays with them their entire lives. After all, as women, we are programmed by the media of capitalist agendas from a young age as to what beauty is or should be. All for the sake of keeping us consumers in a market where the ideal version of ‘beauty’ is often unachievable and unsustainable.

As I sat quietly in the car, looking out at the fresh year’s apple blossom, I felt Cerridwen ask me “If you could go back to the version of yourself that was eighteen years old, and just stepping foot into the big wide world, what wisdom would you give her?”

And without hesitation, in the space of about fifteen minutes, I wrote the  poem below. And I must say… I have never written something so passionate and so quickly in my entire adult life. When the Awen strikes, it does so with true power and inspiration. This poem is written as though I am talking to my teenage self and encouraging her to be the wild woman witch that I know she really is.

So Zanna who lives in the year 2005 and is just leaving college, the church, and a few other things… be the wild woman witch that you’re daring to be…


Be The Wild Woman Witch That You’re Daring To Be

Oh Baby-girl, when are you going to realise that you are a storehouse of power?
A tower of mystery, magick, and a soul with a whole lot to give to this world!

Sure, you could be glam — you could fall for the sham
created by capitalist men who seek to mould you like clay —
when all the while inside you decay from looking in the mirror
and feeling that you’re just not enough…


You can fly with the wind and howl at the moon.
Embrace your womb wisdom and release the old venoms
of shadows that were never meant to be yours.

You can run with the hare and whisper to the stars.
You can learn of the herbs and release your old scars.
Dance under the moon and bind haters in red thread –
speaking the words of the Awen that swirl round your head.

Mutter spells to the land, then perhaps you will understand
how precious you are.
Because you’re not just a woman, you’re amazing – no you’re
From the tips of your toes to the hair on your head.
Your words and your presence – you are resounding!

So don’t wait until you’re dead to set your spirit free.
Be the Wild Woman Witch that you’re daring to be.
Your soul is now free by this one minute spell,
so go tell your story, stand full in your glory!
Be the wild woman witch that you’re daring to be.

By Zanna Buxton-Kelly, April 2023.


First published on Zanna’s blog


Zanna is a Lancashire based Folk Witch and Priestess of Cerridwen who works as a sacred Celebrant and birth doula, specialising in baby wearing, hypnobirthing, and infant loss support.

As well as Doula and community Wise Woman work, Zanna runs a website that seeks to act as a safe learning platform for all those who wish to learn about folk Witchcraft that is free from occult snobbery and gatekeeping. You can find Zanna on Instagram as Diaryofafolkwitch, or visit her website,

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