Avalon Cauldron Gathering Review

Avalon Cauldron Gathering Review

On 12-14 May, 2023 the priestesses and priests of Cerridwen held our annual gathering at the Assembly Rooms here in Avalon. We loved it! Here’s what some of the attendees and organisers had to say:

From Bee Helygen

Oh my Goddess, oh my Goddess!

Last year in September Cerridwen asked me by the lake side to bring those who wanted to know more. The Avalon Cauldron Gathering was conceived five years ago, when we first became a group large enough to warrant an annual meet up. If anyone thinks this was an ego driven action, not so. Having been a Regional Coordinator for the Pagan Federation for 10 years and creating day conferences and summer camps, I knew this would be major amounts of hard work, not something to undertake lightly. 

This time the beloved voice said:” Go big, be brave, if you book it, they will come. “

And they did. 

On the Friday morning when we opened the doors, a swarm of Priestesses and Priests from across the world entered. Germany, Mexico, Estonia, Wales – just to name a few. 

The amazing hard work by Gail, Jules, Sidika, Janet, Mov and so many more was amply rewarded by the people who came to just gather and enjoy. Having a huge space like the beautiful Assembly Rooms here in the centre of Avalon was a gift, a pearl of unending grace. 

To say we had a good time would be an understatement, I can’t review all the amazing presentations, ceremonies, rituals etc. I received the greatest blessings a teacher can receive, to see their students and graduates thrive. The tears were flowing. I was undone with deep emotions most of the time. Pride indeed. Pride in myself for helping the students access the Goddess Realm and pride at their unending inspiration flowing from Cerridwen. 

There is nothing like success to make your life sweeter, and we succeeded in co-operating, co-ordinating, co-creating. Just as Cerridwen asks of us. 

Blessings on all those who made this such a marvellous event.     

Priestess and Event Organiser Bee Helygen



From Jules Opal

Jules and Sara at their workshop
Jules and Sara at their workshop

The Cauldron Gathering in May in Glastonbury for 2023 was incredible. I loved all of it, and I learnt from it too.

It is very special to be able to really see sisters, to see beyond the visible into what they are capable of bringing into the world. We truly need more of it. And more sisters and brothers.

Bee created a vision of Cerridwen and when you see that vision in action at the Gathering it seems so obvious.’ Bee has set us up for the sister/brotherhood, for connection, community and caring. And we turned to each other to create. Many sisters and brothers, in their own ways contributing and co creating.

So should it be and so mote it be.

I see it, in dreams, in my crystal ball, in the cards and runes. Wherever I turn, the seer in me sees Sisters holding hands across mountains, lakes, sea, and land. I have seen it from the start. As have many others. What do you see?

I have felt discomfort in each spiral and beyond the spirals. Each time I go to Glastonbury I step into the unknown and return to my heart. Each step into the unknown feels safer and more familiar.

The joy of the weekend, the laughter, the dancing, the friendships building, the music created. The magic, love and spirituality. Goddess within and without, above and below. Isn’t that what life should be about?

There was so much fun, dancing with Reti and her sisters, the fire dance, a whole room alight with the connection. The bardic evening, when a voice said, “Can I sing a song I wrote?” and the whole room stilled as her voice resonated in that room and across time. Deeply rooted in our past and present. The point when the trees spoke to us, the birds sang and the spirit animals came alive.

There was so much to absorb, I did have to have a moment to myself as the energy built. A reset and return. This feels like the gathering experience. The energy building, a reset in the heart of the Goddess and then we each return to our own lands. This time with a crystal, and a thread to bury and give back to the earth. To celebrate our time together, our connection across the lands and our Mother Earth.

And in the room, over the whole weekend, just love. And fun. And each of us finding our own way to be in the space. In a safe space with support and reassurance.

I truly hope your experience was beautiful too. 


With love and blessings. And deep gratitude.

Priestess Jules Opal




From Ally Moonstar

Tribes or Different Families

Participants from near and far
Participants from near and far

I had a feeling last night at the Bardic event —  I wanted to say something about tribes or different families.

I was born into a family where I’ve never really felt I could be my wacky weird self. This has been so throughout my 39 years of existence and has now changed thanks to Cerridwen.. I give thanks to the fact that we are the Cerridwen Tribe and are magikal.

Witnessing ALL the different talents. Acknowledging that we are in a safe space with our tribe, to express in song, poem or dance our love of being our true authentic selves. This is a powerful thing. This gives us power. This gives us the strength to unapologetically be ourselves and to be at one with the tribe/family that we are in. This is not only in the UK – but Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Sardinia, Mexico, USA to name a few countries.

This is my first time in Avalon. I feel in my heart, soul and spirit! Again thanks to Cerridwen for bringing us all together. We are a tribe and a family. It feels that we are forever growing in strength! We are of service to others and help each other — or we work together.

Thank you for welcoming me, Ally MoonStar, into this amazing tribe.

I am so proud of what my Sisters & Brothers have created with this Cauldron Gathering

Blessed Be

Written and Delivered at the Annual Cauldron Gathering Avalon May 2023

By Ally MoonStar

Edited from original to suit written publication.


More photos of the event to follow!


We’ve already booked the dates and the Assembly Room for next year! Put it in your diary: 26-28 April, 2024


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