Astrology for February 2023 with Janet

Astrology for February 2023 with Janet

Before I get into February’s astrology, I just wanted to mention that Uranus went direct on the 22nd of January and this gives us quite a rare period where all the planets are in direct motion.  For what seems like the longest period, it has felt to me like I have been wading through treacle.  Everything has felt so stuck and so slow but now that all the planets are finally moving forwards it feels like my energy has been restored.  

This is a great time to start new things and get other projects that may have been stalled, finally moving again.  It’s like Cerridwen is putting a tail wind behind us and pushing us forward and this period of direct motion for all the planets will last until the 1st of May when Pluto goes retrograde.

Also, I should mention that 2023 is likely to be a year of changes.  The outer planets do not change signs very often but this year both Saturn and Pluto are changing signs as well as the nodes of the moon.  So whatever happens in your life in 2023, expect change.

So, back to February.  On the 5th we have a full moon in Leo.  Because Leo is ruled by the Sun this is a good time to step forward and shine your light into the world.  Just beware that the ego doesn’t start to rule the heart.  The shadow of Leo is arrogance.  

On the 10th Mercury will be conjunct Pluto which could bring some uncomfortable but transformative truths to light.  The power of words can change hearts and minds.  Don’t be afraid to speak your truth at this time.

The day after, on the 11th Mercury goes into Aquarius and this makes me think of that phrase “think outside the box.”  Aquarius is not afraid to be different, so some of the ideas that come to you around this time might seem a bit strange at first but go with it.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus or Urania in Goddess centred astrology.  Urania is the Goddess of the Thunderstorm.  So don’t be afraid of the bolt from the blue.  The lightning strike can be fierce and powerful but it can change everything.

On the 20th we have a new Moon in Pisces.  This is a time to go deep, to connect with water, have a long luxurious bath or go for a swim.  Piscean energy is all about connection, especially spiritual connection.  Channel the divine.  Cerridwen is waiting by the Cauldron to hear from you.  On the same day Venus charges into Aries.  In this sign She is feisty and strong.  Venus just wants to run forwards at top speed.  Relationships will be fiery and passionate.  You have been warned!


Janet Parfitt – Priestess of Cerridwen

Glastonbury, UK

Janet Parfitt - Priestess of Cerridwen

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Janet Parfitt is a Priestess of the Goddess and a Priestess of Cerridwen.  She has also written three books, is a professional Tarot Reader, a soul healer and a qualified funeral Celebrant.  She is a regular Melissa in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and with Bee Helygen, takes part in the Dark Moon Rituals at every new moon.

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