Alban Hefin: Litha: Mid Summer

Alban Hefin: Litha: Mid Summer

The wheel has turned once again, the time of Litha, Alban Hefin is upon us.  

As I am writing this I am sitting under the big fig tree in my back garden enjoying the amazing weather we have had these past few weeks. Yet, in the back of my mind there is a nagging feeling that I am being selfish, that the earth needs some water. Everything here in Avalon has become dry, the grass is turning yellow, the front lawn is patchy and my roses are hanging their heads. 

This Litha makes us realise how important the water is for us. Britain is called the ‘green and pleasant’ land because it rains so much that everything is always green and verdant. Right now, this is not the case. Right now, we are reminded of the effects of global warming. Right now, we are experiencing what other countries may feel all the time, the fear of not having enough water; of not being able to have a good harvest and feed people and animals. Water is life.  

Midsummer is one of the most important celebrations for us Pagan folk. It is the abundance of yummy hedgerow food, wild strawberries, elderflowers and fennel for tea. Long sultry evenings in front of the barbeque instead of the television, filling ourselves with the nwyfre we need to go once again into the darkness of winter, This is poignant because Litha marks the end of the light half of the year.  Traditionally, this is where the sun has reached its highest point and now slowly descends again. The days begin to get shorter again — slowly but irrevocably. 

The celebrations on the Tor and in Stonehenge for this Solstice are legendary. Until a few years ago I would either be up by 3 am and travelling to Stonehenge to celebrate with fellow Druids or I would be on the Tor by 4 am. These days both these spaces are too busy and crowded. So I find a peaceful place here in Avalon or by the ocean and I celebrate my Mid Summer there. 

A good fire is a must. Giving gratitude for what we have received this year is a must. A reckoning of our way forward is a must. Calling in the Goddess and any other deities or helpers is a must.  We take some mead or beer, we raise our glasses and toast the Ancestors, the recent Dead, the beloveds of any kind,  wishing them health, abundance and joyfulness. We vow to make the most of every moment in our life so we may thrive, and know the bliss of a fulfilled life behind us. 

This is the time for exploring nature at night, when everything is alive and brimming with energy. This is the time for sleeping out under the stars, becoming inquisitive again, dancing with the faery folk and giving the spirits of place your obeisance. Filling yourself up with memories to be dined on when the cold returns. Litha reminds us to be free, loving, free thinking and open people — to embrace all that there is in the world that is good, without judgement, without fear, without restrictions. As we watch the harvest grow from all that we have seeded at Imbolc, we become grateful for all that has been growing in us.

Never forget, we are the blessed. Goddess returned in our lifetime and we are able to serve Her, and our community, in whatever way is helpful.


What to do this season:  

Create a ritual for the water. See our section on Rites, Rituals and Ceremonies for some inspiration. Whatever your way of worship is, now is the time to celebrate the water.  

In Cerridwen’s story there is an important sentence after the cauldron cracks and the poison brew spills on the land, into the river and kills the horses of Garanhir. Ask yourself: when does my rage crack my cauldron? When does my brew turn poisoned? When do I spill over and harm all in my way? Important questions to ask yourself this month. 

Cerridwen's Cauldron Cracks

Painting by Priestess of Cerridwen Reti Toriella


We create a ritual, with magical intent, and we take it to all the waterways in our area, we spread out and visit as many as we can. Here in Avalon recipients are the 13 wells, but also the river Brue which suffers terribly from poisoning through pesticides running off from the farmland. We travel to the Jurassic coast in Dorset and Devon to sit under the full moon light and work our magic of healing. Where will you go?  Remember: one drop poisoned, all drops poisoned. 

I sometimes despair at the foolishness of people who do not comprehend that the waters of the world have been with us since the dawn of time. That they have flowed through every living being, every ancestor and every piece of land, collecting all the memories of every single living being on this planet. Just wrap your head around that for a moment. It is huge.  

So, what will you do to help? You are a magical being, filled with love. How will you serve the planet this Litha?  

Many blessings 



Bee Helygen

Adoratrix of Cerridwen

Priestess of the Llwyth


Bee Helygen - Priestess of Cerridwen


Bee is the creatrix and course tutor for the Priestess of Cerridwen training which has been running as part of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple since 2015. She also runs the Death Priestess training and is a celebrant and Avalon Soul Healer. Full bio

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  1. “The waters of the world have flowed through every living being… collecting all the memories….’ Wow, that’s such a huge thought, quite a consciousness transformer! Thank you so much much for that, Bee! Blessed be.

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