Spell Craft With Bee

BlackThorn Travelling Spell

Teaspoon of Blackthorn Flower, teaspoon of Nettle, teaspoon of Earth.

A dash of white Pepper.

Purple Tealight

Piece of BlackThorn branch or twig (do not take of a living tree without permission, you will be sorry)

Fireproof dish

Your journal and pen.

Mix dry ingredients together, place into the fireproof dish, level and place tealight on the mixture. Sit comfortably and hold blackthorn twig in your receiving hand. Light candle, call in protection and support from your guides, call in Merlin of Avalon, then look at the flame until your eyes defuse. Breathe as deeply as you can, and as fast as you can for as long as you can. Eventually you will feel slightly dizzy, we want that.

Close your eyes and imagine your psychic gateway portal, in whatever that comes to you. The Thorn will guide you to the place you need to be at this time and show you what you need to see.

After a while let go of the Thorn with thanks, your guides will then bring you back to the normal consciousness, thank Merlin for his help, let yourself drift there, and let go of the vision of Annwfn you have seen. Write down all you have seen, draw any symbols that may have been gifted to you. Then stretch, have a glass of water, and some food. Make sure you feel fully grounded back into this world.


Defense of the Realms Spell


White, pink and black salt

Rose, Opoponax, Tea Tree and Patchouli oil

Dragon’s Blood Powder

Nettle, Wormwood, Marshmallow, Mugwort

Write a spell song, four lines, rhyming couplets or quatrain meter

Dowsing crystal

When: waning crescent moon

How: Place white salt into a bowl, then the pink salt and then the black salt.

Each time you pour the salt, state your intent for the work.

Now connect with the spirit of the plants, with each separately and call them to action.

Put the measure of each plant in that feels right to you, and after each scrunch the salt and combine the ingredients, speaking or singing your spell song.

Do the same with the oils. It is your connection with Goddess that will allow Her to advise you on the sequence and the amount of the oils.

Once all is well combined and the spell song has been repeated the required times, It is time to call on your dowsing crystal.

Swing the crystal and visualize the energy of the crystal beaming into the mixture, adding it’s own crystal spirit magic. Let is seep in for some time, allow your eyes to relax and the psychic energy from you enter the salts.

Once you feel the mixture is filled with the intent, disconnect and thank the Goddess for Her assistance.

Place the mixture into glass containers.

You can take the salt outside and create a circle of protection around a particular place, region, country or the whole world.

Keep doing that each night at the same time until the salt runs out.

Blessed Be