Remind my Children I Love Them

Remind my Children I Love Them

How can you doubt my love for you, my Child?

How can you fear that I may leave and abandon you?

You have seen the lengths I will go to for my son, to help him heal.

Though the world may leave you feeling imperfect, to me my child you are my world and I love you as you are.

For I will find you in your darkest hour. No stone will be left unturned for you, my child.

Embrace my love.

Embrace the darkness of your pain.

Embrace my magic, love and mystery of my cauldron of death, birth and renewal.

The time is now to release and let go.

The time is now to accept and be in love with who you are.

The time is now to rise and shine your light, your beautiful authentic light for all to see.

The time of hiding is over. Be who you are. For you are all, my child and I love you. Mother Cerridwen.


Miriam Shekinah Mother Cerridwen’s Sacred Raven.

Priestess of Cerridwen.

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