Reti’s Celtic Calendar


This calendar is inspired by the shape and essence of the Celtic witch and goddess Cerridwen.

I wandered for two years in these magical mountains and mysterious depths under the guidance of the Priestess of Avalon, Adoratrix of Cerridwen Bee Helygen. And now Cerridwen’s nature as wife, mother and goddess becomes increasingly clear. Yes, she is a goddess of darkness who carries within her a shining light and a unique wisdom.

Cerridwen breathes in every woman’s heart and beats in every woman’s womb, giving us the strength to create, the ease to enjoy life, and the courage to let go when the time comes. Through her story, she shows how magic works, how to live in harmony with nature, how to stay alive with the support of plants and animals and fulfill your dreams. She is known as the Cauldron Witch, who brews a transformative potion in her cauldron. This potion is different for everyone, but remember that it is your responsibility to make it. In her cauldron life begins and in her cauldron also sits death. It is our abilities to bring in balance both nectars in our lives.

Cerridwen’s year begins in November, the darkest time in nature. The Earth rests and prepares for winter. Likewise, quiet time is meant for us. Time to think, look back on the leaving year, be grateful and at peace. Before new light is born, before new ideas and inspiration rise on the wings of the wind. Only during darkness the new seeds are sown.

This calendar is a guide to moving through the year. Every gorgeous woman here embodies some aspect of Cerridwen. She is not just a wise woman, but in her lies the whole cycle of life that she has gone through and is now approaching the threshold into invisibility. Soon she will pass through this veil, but there is still time…

If you are ready to step out of the patriarchal matrix, this Calendar is just for you.

Cerridwen’s year as Goddess is created in the dark, where endings are transformed into new beginnings in her magical cauldron.
The calendar begins on November 1, Samhain, as the Celts celebrated that time. Here we see the 4 Ladies who carry the essence of Cerridwen from the Young Maiden to the Lover, the Mother and the Wise Woman, and the 4 Ladies who holds the energies of Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
The 9th aspect of Cerridwen is the Mistress of the Otherworld who stands at the door of the visible and invisible worlds.
The calendar is in both English and Estonian, the Dark Moon is marked every month, and you can read about the thoughts and feelings of each woman in her own time. It will be available in both A3 and A5 formats and costs 22.- euros plus shipping costs, total 40.- euros.
Please Contact the author Reti Toriella to order.