I am

I am

I love Taliesin’s poetry about shape shifting and that inspired me to think about all the things that I have been in my life and all the things that I’ve felt connected to, all the things I’ve felt a part of. The fact that one can experience life as so many things fascinates me. I love the power of Taliesin’s poetry and tried to capture something of that. My poem is about transformation, the richness of  experience and personal growth – coupled with the sheer wonder of being alive. 

In Welsh mythology, Taliesin is the son of Cerridwen, and god of the bards.


I Am

I am young, yet I am old

I am Earth, air, fire and water.

I am the blush on a virgin’s cheek

I am the tear in a mother’s eye.

I have swum with mermaids

I have spoken to Gods

And I am, was and shall be.

I float in the smell of newly dug earth.

I fall with the crisp golden leaves.

I am red hair and fire!

A dragon woman charged and strong!

I am a child who believes that the drops of morning dew are diamonds for my hair.

I am a slice of midnight

Cutting through the darkness like the breath of the wind.

I am an ancient crone, a seer.

I am organic; mineral, animal,

A hare who jumps!

A cat who stalks……

A seagull flying over the azure ocean.

I am transparent, yet solid,

I am formless and yet find shape.

I am transitory yet eternal

I am.


Elisa M Gray, Sister of Cerridwen

Glastonbury, UK

Elisa M Gray - Sister of Cerridwen

Facebook Page: The Way of the Shamanic Witch

Elisa is author of the book “What Maketh the Witch’ and is a traditional eclectic witch and advanced shamanic practitioner. As a published writer and artist, she is a strong advocate of the old ways of witchcraft as well as one of the cunning folk. Elisa holds witchcraft courses online for both basic and advanced witchcraft.

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