Cerridwen’s Animal Communicators – Improving Relationships with Animals

Cerridwen’s Animal Communicators – Improving Relationships with Animals

Join Priestess of Cerridwen, Gail Spiritstar, as she interviews three of her amazing Priestess Sisters about their connection with animals.  The conversation is full of tales of devotional duties, unanticipated adventures and healing partnerships.  What shines through all of the stories is a shared love of and deep respect for animals.



Priestess Livvy

Priestess of Cerridwen, Livvy talks about Paintedhorse, her not for profit company that offers Equine Experiential learning to both adults and young people as individuals and groups.  The Paintedhorse herd of 11 horses and ponies live together on the Somerset Levels just outside of Glastonbury, Somerset, England.  Livvy explains on her website that, together with the land and nature, the healing herd offers enriching and often life-changing encounters, which can help bring about personal transformation, increase emotional resilience and mental well-being.  Working with the herd and individuals within the herd can help people gain clarity, perspective and the confidence to live life the way they really want to, by being true to themselves.

If you are moved to donate, there are various ways to support Paintedhorse.  This page Support Paintedhorse gives details of specific needs such as Logan’s Appeal, to provide medicine for a member of the herd who suffers with Cushing’s disease, and recently a second herd member has been diagnosed with the same disease, and the Winter Hay Appeal. You can also find out how to offer a regular monthly donation to either support the herd or to provide sessions to a person in need who may not otherwise be able to attend.

Website: www.paintedhorse.org.uk

Email: livvy@paintedhorse.org.uk

Facebook: paintedhorseuk

Instagram: paintedhorseuk


Priestess Elvine - Out of the Cauldron

Priestess of Cerridwen, Elvine, is a Reiki Master and an Animal Communicator.  “I have always had a strong connection with the natural world” she says, “and this was really enhanced once I started the Cerridwen Training in 2019. We learnt how the Plant and Crystal allies could take us to that sacred liminal space to connect and work with Cerridwen”. 

Elvine has a business called “Out of the Cauldron”. She creates room/aura sprays, created with Goddess energy, Reiki energy and love. Made from spring water, Witch Hazel and then the beautiful blends of oils, herbs and crystals that she is drawn to add. They can be used for rituals, blessings, cleansing where smoke cleansings are not appropriate or just as a natural room spray. 

For further information, please visit Priestess Elvine’s Facebook Page: Out of the Cauldron

Contact: fiona.griffin@yahoo.com 07541 515644.



Image taken by Priestess Elvine

Harmony is the third animal communicator sharing her experience in the interview.  She also started her two years of Priestess training in 2019, on the same Spiral as Elvine and Gail.  

Harmony is a Sekhem Reiki practitioner and an animal Reiki practitioner.  She assists with healing trauma in animals and in their human companions and guardians. She also conveys crystal guidance and healing, acting as a conduit for others – the connection between the person wanting to be healed and the healing energy.   In her work with trauma, Harmony assists people in their own healing, at different stages in their process.  The crystals communicate with her to aid people in re-balancing their emotional state and to help remove any negative energy sitting with them or where they live.  

Harmony is an experienced singer and musician, she is a sound energy conduit, working with sound energy in healing.   She also communes with the trees and does healing sessions with the Earth, so the trees can continue their amazing work, providing oxygen and calming us. Harmony says “a lot of people don’t really realise that when they are out in nature they are actually being healed by the Earth Herself and by the trees, because the trees are very calming and when you stand on the Earth you get those good ions through your feet”.  Harmony has a special place in her heart for badgers, as you can see from the beautiful painting on her drum. 

For further details, e-mail Harmony at “Harmony Heals”:


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  1. Wonderful to see & hear you all sisters. What an inspiring interview Gail. Thankyou all 🙏

    1. Thank you Pippa, I really enjoyed the conversation. Three different perspectives, all coming from a place of deep love and respect for animals. I learned a lot.

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