Cerridwen Aspects Song

Cerridwen Aspects Song


How this Song came into Being

I am a Trainee Priestess of Cerridwen, currently on Spiral 2, and a Priestess of Sacred Sound, certified by Elsa Field & Myrtle Grove Mystery School. 

It has been a natural progression, weaving Sacred Sound into offerings for Goddess Cerridwen. 

Cerridwen gifts me with inspiration and passion to create these sacred offerings, such as songs, chants, melodies and journeys. 

My process begins with a spark of inspiration, a feeling to create a Sacred Sound Offering, I then begin recording little sound bites and writing lyrics if I feel called. 

I record all audio elements, and then begin the complex task of editing these layers which can be a lengthy process taking up to several days.

The inspiration for my Cerridwen Aspects song began back in November last year, it was the Chorus that Goddess gifted to me first. I then began slowly creating each verse for her elemental aspects. This song is a reminder that Cerridwen is continually guiding and supporting us through all the many elements that surround us on a daily basis.

Kathryn Dawes


Kathryn Dawes, Trainee Priestess of Cerridwen, Priestess of Sacred Sound

West Berkshire, UK

Kathryn Dawes

Cerridwen made her presence known to me only in 2021 (spring time), when I visited Glastonbury and the Goddess Temple. After my visit, I began attending the online Dark Moon Rituals, which resonated so deeply, I knew I had to join the Cerridwen Kin. 

Being part of the Cerridwen Kin has felt like I’ve returned home, I have found my Soul family again. 

I am also a belly dancer, I have been dancing for over 22 years, and had the privilege of dancing at many celebrations (weddings and parties), theatre shows and restaurants with live musicians.

My dance has been evolving, and it’s become devotional to the Goddess. Music and dance play an integral part in my spiritual practice. I love weaving in movement, music and the love of Goddess in all I do.

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