Avalon Soul Healing™

“Dear Bee

I really enjoyed our time together today…I really had no idea why I was there or what we were going to do/find out/explore…. It was perfect. I immediately felt at ease with you and could jump straight in. I felt Cerridwen…. Mostly I was aware of negative forces that held me static, disconnecting me from the earth and from my heart… I feel lightened, relieved, buoyant and more expanded…something deep in my soul was touched today, reawakened and enlivened…”

How could I express any better than this message from a grateful client what Soul Healing does for you? Each client has an individual treatment channeled by me with the help of the Goddess Cerridwen, Goddess of Transformation and Rebirth.
Each day, as we walk our path here in the physical world, there is a host of beings that accompanies us. Some people are awake and aware, others are blind and deaf to them. Whether it is Goddess, your spirit guides, dragon guardians, spirit of the trees, ancestors, the circle of the divine grandmothers, angels….whoever is with you can tune in with me and I will be be their channel to you too. I have never felt anything uncomfortable trying to get through, which I credit to my connection with Goddess, who protects and guides all of us, if we are ready.

My journey with Soul Healing began with Dion Fortune’s book Principles of Esoteric Healing based on her work with her then husband Dr. Thomas Penry Evans from 1927 onwards, in channeling a series of inner communications from what she believed where ascended Masters. Her work Mystical Qabalah was also of paramount importance for my understanding of the different energy bodies whose health impact on our physical well being. The wholeness of our being, the equilibrium of the vibrations of all bodies we were born with, is what allows us to find the best frequency for our happiness.

Soul Craft is another strand of this healing pathway. Bill Plotkin coined the term in the 1980’s, exploring the connection between soul and nature. Now, some 30 + years on this concept has grown exponentially through the research and experiences of awakened students of the principle. However, this concept has been known to the druidic and shamanic traditions since the dawn of humanity and every race of humanity, every tribe, every culture in the world had their version of it. From Tree of Life to Ygdrasil, nature has always been for those in the know, the greatest healer and ally of all living beings. To honour the gifts of the trees is to live in peace and harmony with all existences.

You can book a session of Avalon Soul Healing ™ with me, Bee, on 07906 098284.