Astrology for March 2023 with Janet

Astrology for March 2023 with Janet

After a relatively quiet February, Cerridwen ushers in big changes in March.  On the 2nd Mercury goes into Pisces making for a lack of clarity in our thought processes.  We may find ourselves drifting off into a dream world a bit too easily.  On the 7th there is a full Moon in Virgo so this is a good time to organise and clean things up.  The methodical Earth energy of Virgo is practical and likes to get things done.  On the same day, Saturn enters Pisces.  This is not an easy place for Saturn to be because traditionally Saturn rules structure and form while Pisces is ruled by Neptune so the energy here is all about merging and surrendering into the depths of our emotions.  Spiritual connection, soul to soul, is another Piscean theme.  Saturn is the work horse and Pisces is the dreamer, so this energy can help to give shape to your dreams.

On the 16th Venus enters Taurus.  This is a much easier energy to deal with as Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus so She will feel right at home here.  Venus will bring a solid, stable love under the influence of Taurus.  Just beware of spending too much money on beautiful things.  Having flown through Pisces on the 19th Mercury enters Aries where your thoughts will be invigorated with lots of new ideas.  It’s a good time to come up with new plans and new ways of working.  Just try not to be too impatient with anyone whose thought processes are not as rapid as yours.

On the 20th the Sun goes into Aries signalling the beginning of a new astrological year.  This is a great time for new beginnings.  Anything that has been stalled will start moving again. On the following day, the 21st, there is a new Moon in Aries.  Your energy will rise and you can set your sights on what you want to achieve in the next twelve months and start putting your plans into action.

The BIG news for March is that on the 23rd Pluto enters Aquarius.  Pluto will only be here for a few months before retrograding back into Capricorn and it will be a year or so before Pluto properly settles down into Aquarius, but this is just a taster of what is going to be happening for the next twenty years.  The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was 1798 when France was in the middle of Revolutionary Wars, and Ireland and The United States were both rebelling against Britain.  Pluto, like Cerridwen, is all about transformation and change.  Aquarius is the sign of the rebel.  Aquarius is also about the power of the collective and working in groups to achieve the greatest good for all.  Whereas Pluto in Capricorn has been all about power from the top down, Pluto in Aquarius will be all about power from the grass roots up.  Pluto sets the tone for each age and the last twenty years have been about money and power; very Capricorn themes.  This shift of Pluto is truly the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

On the 25th Mars enters Cancer.  Mars will have been in Gemini for eight months by then, which is an extraordinary amount of time for Mars to be in one sign.  Mars, which is all about action and drive, will not be terribly happy to be in Cancer.  Cancerian energy is about home and family, retreating into your shell.  There could be a lot of energy directed into cooking and gardening and looking after the family and the home.

Finally on the 30th Cancerian Mars trines Piscean Saturn.  Energy and drive takes concrete form while at the same time Taurean Venus conjuncts Uranus.  Sudden developments in relationships, love at first sight is possible at this time.  Whatever the future brings, may the Goddess Cerridwen be with you.  Blessed be.

Janet Parfitt - Priestess of Cerridwen

Janet Parfitt – Priestess of Cerridwen
Glastonbury, UK

Facebook: Janet Parfitt – Priestess of Cerridwen

Janet Parfitt is a Priestess of the Goddess and a Priestess of Cerridwen.  She has also written three books, is a professional Tarot Reader, a soul healer and a qualified funeral Celebrant.  She is a regular Melissa in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and with Bee Helygen, takes part in the Dark Moon Rituals at every new moon.

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  1. Thank you so much Janet.

    It is always interesting to read your work! It seems that a lot of things are going to happen this month. Let’s hope that we all can use it to grow and get things in motion.

    Blessed Bee

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