Astrology for December 2022

Astrology for December 2022

 After all the explosive and intense energy that Cerridwen bought us in October and November, the good news is that December will be quite a bit calmer.  On the 4th of December Neptune goes direct, meaning that now we can take our dreams forward into the future.  Our psychic perceptions are heightened and getting glimpses of what the future holds will be easier as well.  When Neptune was retrograde, it was all about looking at past dreams and trying to intuit if it was worth carrying on with those but now Neptune is in forward motion our dreams can go the same way.

   On the 6th of December Mercury enters Capricorn, turning our thoughts on to practical matters.  Capricorn the goat always wants to climb to the top of the mountain and our thoughts may turn to ways to help us in our careers or to think of ways round anything that has been blocking our progress.  On the 8th of December there is a full moon in Gemini.  This could be a busy time with lots of social engagements, lots of chatting on the phone and messages flying back and forth.  Communication will be particularly important around this time.  Just be wary not to let tempers flare over silly misunderstandings because the Gemini full moon will be close to Mars which is still retrograde in Gemini.  Do not let the storm in the teacup become a hurricane!

December 2022 astrology
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   On the 10th of December Venus enters Capricorn bringing the grounded practical energy of Capricorn into our relationships.  This is a suitable time to work with others to get things done.  On the 20th of December Jupiter enters Aries bringing Jupiter’s expansive energy into the Arian model of leadership and initiative.  A good time to start any philosophical endeavour or start any course that leads to acquisition of further knowledge, particularly anything spiritual.  The shadow side of Jupiter in Aries is the holy crusade that other people might not find quite so holy.  Beware of forcing your truth on others.

   The 21st of December is the Winter Solstice, the time when the light returns to the world.  With the Sun aspecting Jupiter at 0 degrees of Aries, which is the Spring Equinox power point, this will feel like a new beginning for a lot of people.  Uranus is at 15 degrees of Taurus which is the Beltane power point so there will be a Spring like feeling in the air.  On the 23rd of December there is a new moon in Capricorn on the same day that Chiron goes direct.  Chiron’s beautiful energy will start carrying us forward into healing.  This will be a new beginning on our healing journey for so many of us.  The strong stable Capricorn energy will enable us to take practical steps in our own healing and the healing of others.

   However, on the 29th of December Mercury goes retrograde, so prepare for the usual troubles with computers and emails going missing as well as words getting mixed up and misunderstood.  Overall, with Venus, Mercury, and the Sun all in Capricorn, the energy of December will be very practical, grounded, and down to Earth.  Happy Yule everyone!

Janet Parfitt – Priestess of Cerridwen

Glastonbury, UK

Janet Parfitt - Priestess of Cerridwen

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Janet Parfitt is a Priestess of the Goddess and a Priestess of Cerridwen.  She has also written three books, is a professional Tarot Reader, a soul healer and a qualified funeral Celebrant.  She is a regular Melissa in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and with Bee Helygen, takes part in the Dark Moon Rituals at every new moon.

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