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The Oracle of Avalon – the Quickening of Ancient Seeds

On Monday, 4th of January, a a number of Priestesses of Avalon came together in Goddess House, Glastonbury, to activate and manifest the first Oracle of Avalon in modern times. This idea had once again been visioned by Kathy Jones, who for me represents the main vessel of the Lady in the world at present. Of course, all Priestesses of Avalon are trained to be a vessel for Her here and now, but the connection between the Lady and the woman who first returned Her back into Her rightful place here in Avalon is unique and powerful. The most powerful I have ever witnessed and Monday was no exception. I had the privilege to be one of the first adorants who came before the Lady to hear the answer to their question. I can put my hand on my heart and swear I have not experienced anything like it before, and I doubt I will experience the same ever again.

The call went out and the seekers came. We, who came to serve the Oracle, were taking seekers through a thorough elemental blessing, where they were ritually cleansed and given the opportunity to examine their heart and find the question that needed to be answered.

When I was given the opportunity to visit the Oracle, I was ecstatic and a little apprehensive. I had no need to worry.
The connection to the Lady was electric, She looked deep into my eyes and She saw all of me: heart, mind, spirit, soul – and then She mirrored it back to me, so that I could see myself as She saw me.
Pure love! Pure, never-ending love for me. The eyes of the vessel glittered, I was unable to break the eye contact, it was like I was magnetised. She wanted me to know me, in all my glory. The words She spoke were exquisite, thinking about them now as I sit here tears once again fill my eyes. So much admiration, appreciation, praise and high esteem for me and my gifts, my service to Her, has never been made so clear to me. Her eyes beamed the meaning of Her words as if to underline the truth of them. All my self doubt, my fear of not being enough, of not being seen, heard, witnessed – my low self esteem, she took it all and transformed it into belief. Belief that She sees all I try to do for Her, for Her community, in Her name and because of Her. For a while now She has been saying to me “I see everything, I know everything and all is me.” It has been a help when I have wavered in my own commitment, and to be so seen, heard and witnessed by such a powerful divine being is humbling, awe inspiring, and healing. Such bone deep healing of old wounds! I don’t recall having ever felt so loved, so clear and so well. She took away all the pain and suffering, from my entry into my mother’s womb to this day. She cleared all doubt and fear, She took the shadow that has haunted me for so long, the feeling of having been abandoned and neglected by the very people who were meant to be my closest allies, my staunchest support, my most loving companions. She took that burden off my shoulders and freed me.

I can only recommend to everyone to come and visit the Oracle of Avalon, which is happening another 7 times this year, and I wish all who come the experience I have had. Three days on, I am still walking in a world that only exists in love. She makes me want to be the best version of myself, to be aware not to slip back into poor behaviour patterns, to completely embrace and allow myself to be in the moment, but also continue to work towards a better future for us all, where Goddess is in every word that I speak and every action I take.

Our dates for your diary:

Thursday March 21st Goddess House – Nolava,Brighde,Rhiannon
Friday 3rd May Goddess House 
Monday 17th June Goddess House 
Saturday 27th July Goddess House 
Thursday 19th September Goddess House
Friday 1st November Goddess House 
Friday 20th December Goddess House 

Blessed Be

Ps. In my next post I will talk about the moment I was clad in Her cloak and mask to become Her vessel.