Priestess Bee Helygen

Dip. Psychic Development
Dip. Crystal Healing
Dip. Past Life Regression
Sound Activation Therapist
Reiki II
Counselling BCAP
Bach Flower Practitioner
Druid Shaman Healer
Meditation & Shamanic Journey Instructor

Cerridwen is the foremost Goddess of the Welsh Celtic people. To some She is the ultimate Bad Girl of the Welsh pantheon. Herstory talks about Spell Craft, Transformation, Transmutation, chasing a young boy who inadvertently swallowed the brew of liquid Awen She had prepared for Her own son and gaining the ultimate knowledge and understanding of the cycles and mysteries of the world. From Her experience with the pain and suffering of a Mother of three magical children, She recognizes the darkness in our hearts, the deep wounds of all our life times, the history of our souls, and She loves us despite all of our human frailties. She forgives us our faults. Through Her own journey into the misery of life, She understands us when we falter and fall. She gently lifts us up, dusts us down, and guides us back to the path of our expansion.
There is no more loving, caring Goddess. Having guided five cycles of students through the two year training to become Priestesses and Priests, but most importantly, developing a strong resilience and understanding of the Self, I have seen so much struggle and strife and eventually, success and joy. I have total faith in Her welcome to all who seek Her secrets, and wish sincerely to be in service to their community.
We come before Cerridwen in Perfect Love & Perfect Trust, we look to Her for guidance, knowing She will never let us down, and yet She also claims our responsibility and strength. This is not an easy path, yet when we walk out of the labyrinth of Her mysteries, we step into our Priest-ess Self, into our independence and into our best version yet. 

She is the consummate herb healer, plant medicine wise woman. She brings the knowledge of Tree Spirit Wisdom, Healing with Master Crystals, Sacred Sound & Toning and 7 Bodies Energy Healing.

Those of us who have trained to be Ovates and Swynwraig (Wise Woman), to be Healers of Body, Spirit and Soul, dedicate our lives to working with the Goddess of our Heart, so that we may be of service to those who come in search of comfort. I can provide the following healing modalities:

  • Crystal Healing
  • Avalon Soul Healing
  • Light Body Activation
  • Energy Centre Re-alignment
  • Family & Soul Lineage Healing
  • Hands on Energy Healing
  • Card & Soul Readings
  • Sacred Listening
  • Seership
  • Psychic Reading
    Akashic Record Readings
  • Or a mix thereof.