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Cerridwen Gwreiddyn – Initiatrix
4 & 5 November 2023

Deep into the Cauldron of Testing we dive, looking at our own unaddressed shadow behaviour, removing unhelpful self imposed limitations. Releasing and washing away all shame, guilt, low self esteem, doubts about worthiness, and begin to embrace the guidance of Ancestors, the voices of spirit beings, the wisdom of our own dragon guide and the teachers of the higher realms. Goddess will take you, sit you at the warming cauldron fire and place a mantle of protection around you as you begin your journey with Her.

Recovering self love, seeing through Her eyes of unconditional love, who you can be, will be, have always been. Letting go of old hurts and opening to a new loving relationship with the divine within and without.

Cerridwen Gweledydd – The Seer
9 & 10 December 2023

“We breathe your energy into our Body, hail and welcome Cerridwen” “The cauldron is warmed by the breath of the nine maidens of protection”

Healing pain through breathwork and voice work. Finding the pathway to intuition and insight, connecting to the astral realm. using the power of breath to cleanse and clear the energy fields in the body, remove obstacles and blockages, seeing the etheric body, find the way to soul through guided visualization. Magic is all around us………. Inner Knowing. Exploring the power of the mind. Healing with sound activation & vibrational frequencies. Introducing dream journaling, self interpretation and its connection with our unconscious self.

Cerridwen Swynwraig – The Herb Wise
3 & 4 February 2024

Learning about the wisdom of healing with tree & plant spirits, herb lore, the subtle bodies and energy fields. All existences on this earth have nwyfre – life force and are ensouled. We acknowledge, become familiar, and work with them to the highest good of all. With great knowledge comes great responsibility. The spell song singer is a healer of great capability and power. Stepping into her realm may be your soul’s journey? At this time in this world all Healer Priest-esses are recalled to Service.

During each spiral of the training you will be presented with 9 crystals, 9 tree allies, and 9 plants. Your journey is the connection to the natural world in a very practical way. Each day will have a moment of connection with nature, healing body and soul.


Cerridwen Aderyn Tan – Phoenix 
16 & 17 March 2024

Rebirth, reignition of power and magic, return of the sun to warm the hearts and the land. Balance of light and day, dark and bright. Her dark bright rays of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. What is to be manifested at this time in the world? Will to power, focussing on what can be created. The fire of the cauldron is rising. The brew is bubbling, is it poison or medicine? The sword of truth comes from Avalon, it has resided here since it was returned to the Priestesses. Truth speakers are needed, the illusion must be ripped away in order to see the true nature of the cauldron of healing. All things fiery and flaming, fire in our hearts, minds, souls and sacral spaces. Find what fires your imagination and creativity. Feel where your cauldron fire burns brightly, where it is subdued. How do we rekindle our Flame of Passion for Creativity and Innovation, Warmth and Belonging? Fire under the cauldron – the ancient Welsh spell of Making. What is your truth? Who are you really? What do you wish to cut away? What holds you back from reaching your full potential? Learn to bring forth your true inner Self, your Priestess. She is waiting to be released.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents