Priest-ess of Cerridwen Training

The new presentation of the Cerridwen Priestess course will take place in Glastonbury/Avalon and this enchanting Welsh farm house with its own castle in the grounds.

Priest/essing the Shadow Side of Life.

Priest-esshood of Cerridwen – The Cauldron Cycle

In Celtic Mythology the cauldron receives and it bestows. Descent into the cauldron takes absolute trust and courage, the basis on which to build a deep connection with ourselves, the Goddess and the people She sends to us. In order to find the divinity within us and others, so that we may feel compassion and empathy for those who turn to us in their darkest hour, we need to be heart whole, the best version of this incarnation of our soul. Therefore the first cycle of this training is all about you – looking at yourself, at healing the old wounds, the old hurts, that have held you back. You take the time now to allow your Self healing, you receive Her wisdom towards a more integrated, confident, self reliant You. Only when you are in possession of Her gifts: strength, courage, resilience, connection, clarity of mind and spirit, unconditional positive regard, empathy and authenticity, can you step forward into the world and start working as a sacred Priest-ess.  

On your journey to You, Cerridwen will guide and protect you. She will never give you more than you can cope with – but she will be your Challenger, your Energizer, your Creatrix, your Initiatrix. As Swynwraig, she will reveal to you the mysteries of your soul, your journey in this cycle of life, the healing and development you must complete in order to fulfil your soul purpose. She will share with you the secret and sacred knowledge of the magical herbs, which She used to help transform Her benighted son. It didn’t quite work out that way, but the magic still lives in the land and in us. Spell-Song Singer, creatrix of the Englynion of the Welsh Bards, singing the body back into harmony. Enchantress, chanting to raise the breath of the elemental dragons protection spell. Sorceress, Keeper of the Wisdom of the Earth, the Crystal Caves, the Standing Stones and bones of the Ancestors. Our tree spirit allies working in unison with us and Her to teach all beings to live in peace together.
Let Her take your hand, lead you to Her cauldron’s pearl encrusted rim, so that you may dive from there deeply into the mysteries of Life and Living. Within Her womb rest and dream, contemplate your choices, face and integrate your own shadows, heal the woundings received in this and other life times, make peace with those who may have harmed you, knowingly or unknowingly – to emerge hale and whole, ready to serve wherever you are called.

Dates/venues and a short description of course content. Course content will be delivered during the training sessions and via virtual media.

Training Dates 2018-2019.

  1. 9-11 November 2018 Earth
  2. 18-20 January 2019 Air
  3. 22-24 March 2019 Fire
  4. 17-19 May 2019 Water
  5. 19-21 July 2019 Creation
  6. 6-8 Sept 2019Transformation

Cauldron of Transformation and Morwynion of Earth

Course Dates: 9th – 11th November 2018  3 Days 

Venue: Glastonbury

Never a rescuer nor hero be. The cauldron and the cave.

 What draws us to this work? Why become a Priest-ess? What do we wish to bring into our life, and the life of our community? Selfless servants or self serving attention seekers – or something in between?
We go deep within the cauldron, examine our motives for choosing this type of priest/essing. Are we drawn to be hera/o? Rescuer? Need to be needed? None of these motivations will serve us on this path. Compassion only works when we have strong boundaries. When we are heart whole ourselves, walking a deeply spiritual path, wish to serve without recognition, accolades or acknowledgement. The main purpose of this training is to serve with dignity and honour, people who are suffering. We look at our own shadow, at our ego, at the mistakes we repeat, the behaviour patterns that are conditioned into us from early life on. 

Whether we give service to those on the threshold between Life and Death, their loved ones, or people who have suffered severe traumatic events in their lives; we must be clear in our duties to them. We are called upon when needed, then withdraw quietly.

 To this end it is we who have to undergo the trials of self contemplation, a new cycle of spiritual development commences, we meet and are examined by the Goddess Cerridwen, if She finds us wanting, we must listen to Her advice and work on our self healing before we commence to attempt to heal and advise others. Here we need to be our authentic Self, no self delusion will be permitted, self doubt is dangerous to our own well being and the well being of those whom we seek to serve. It is better to admit our failings and work towards overcoming and resolving them, than lie to ourselves and others, because this will only lead to failure to thrive and become whole. We must become proud of our wounds, for the wounded healer is the most gifted spiritual healer. Be brave, step forward, share your vulnerabilities in the safe circle of Cerridwen’s Cave. Here we will learn not to judge, to not become competitive, not to fall into the trap of self aggrandisement. A Priest-ess of Cerridwen serves quietly, calmly, lovingly and especially, s/he serves modestly and with humility.

The Crystal Caves of Cerridwen

Healing stones, gems and crystals from the very depth of our Earth Mother. Gifts of healing, of strength, grounding and security. We push our roots deep into Her heart, She welcomes us back as Her children: the cauldron born, beloved daughters and sons, reunited and nurtured by Her love for us. Gratitude for all we have received and in that gratitude the elixir of life and love for all existences as was taught by the ancient Druid teachers. Cerridwen is the first and foremost druid goddess, mater materia, the source from which we all came.


Cauldron of Healing and Morwynion of Air

Course Dates: 18th – 20 January  2019   3 Days

Venue: Glastonbury

 Dancing back into Life – it is all about the Breath, baby!

 A journey from the the darkness back into the light. We are in the time of stillness, all the madness of the festive season to celebrate the return of the light is behind us, and as it goes quiet, we are able to listen more deeply to what is within us. What is the void between breath in and breath out? Is it avoidance, the dance around the void, as Marc Gafni calls it? Do you feel that big hole inside you, the emptiness, the throbbing dull pain of loneliness, even in a room full of people. Or is the silence the healer you have been searching for? Isolation and insulation from the pain that seems to abound in our world right now. Take a deep breath in and jump back into life. 

We introduce you to your unconscious, the part of you that holds all the secrets of you. What Jung called the consciousness and the subconscious are only the tip of the iceberg of who you really are. How does the unconscious make itself known to you? Through dreams, day and night, through signs and symbols, through intuition, and insights. We also show you the seven bodies of energy and your energetic blue print, the flow of energy, what the ancient Celts called nwyfre. All the mysteries of our six senses is about to be revealed to you. Our dream expert Mollie Semple takes you on a journey of discovery and shows you how to make sense of your dreams.

We also show you the medicine of sound and music, the vibratory and resonance healing with the most amazing instruments available to us today.

Intuition – Inspiration – Illusion – Delusion

 During this season we will learn about the power of the mind, it’s influence over our life, our bodies, our relationship with ourselves, others, and Goddess.

Often what we think can be detrimental to our healthy relationships, our woundings created a mindset with triggers that can effect our actions as well as our thinking. Identifying these triggers, seeking out the shadows that impact negatively on our actions, cause pathology even, is a must in order to be able to heal and become a Healer. Regardless of the woundings we have received, dealing with them honourably, acknowledging them, giving them a fair hearing, an “airing”, allows us to release so they can no longer hold power over us. Only then can we move on to becoming good listeners, holding sacred space for others to share their sorrows and worries, be present and witness their process of healing and recovery before they move on into a new stage of their life.


Cauldron of Rebirth and Morwynion of Fire

Course Dates: 22nd – 24th March 2019   3 Days

 Healing negative emotions and anger

Cerridwen’s rage is the stuff of legend and Her example will help teach us control over our emotions of fear and anger. We will be journeying into our own past to examine sources of anger, hatred and prejudice in order to understand our shadow triggers, so we can recognize the triggers in others. We will address the pressures on men and women in our society that may be triggers, discuss possible childhood events and lessons that may still be affecting the offender, learn techniques and tools to disarm a potentially dangerous situation, whilst keeping ourselves safe.


Cauldron of Love and Morwynion of Water

Course Dates: 17th – 19th of May 2019   3 Days

Venue: Glastonbury

 Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove. (Shakespeare)

Cerridwen shows us the way into a deep abiding capability for love. She teaches us how to find balance in a relationship, how to operate from a base of deep trust and mutual respect, in order to honour and celebrate life partners.

 We begin with learning about healing the woundings of childhood, a time when we all should be loved unconditionally by our parents. Children feeling unloved by parents, whether imagined or actual, often leads to lifelong issues with disconnection, the inability to surrender into a loving bond with a partner, which then may lead to failure to engage our ability to surrender our love to them completely and all that may bring with it.

Identifying the triggering event, and offering a healthy engagement with the feelings it invoked, teaching the use of self healing techniques and tools to recover and maintain a sense of worthiness is what we will learn this weekend.

Cauldron of Water

 Receive or release, an inner journey to the sacred Lake at Bala.

 This is the pathway to the centre of your heart. 

During this weekend we will explore the healing properties of water.

Travelling within our inner plane, into the sacred landscape of Llyn Tegid, creating our own image and sense of place where Cerridwen dwells through deep meditation and visualization, we will journey into the valley cauldron, the deep waters of release and renewal – nurtured and nourished, cleansed by the ancient womb waters of the Goddess Cerridwen. Feel the energy of water and experience, its healing place in your energy field. Learn how the energy of water can connect with and reveal deep emotional woundings in others, how it can be used as a tool to heal these wounds and about its place in our life.


Cauldron of Creation

Course Dates: 19th – 21th July 2019   3 Days

Venue: Glastonbury

 Bringing forth new life – working with parents and children.

 – The challenges and trials of impending motherhood, how can we support and help?

– The birth process, facing the fears, shame and guilt cycles that come with the trauma of termination, miscarriage, infant death, mother’s death.

– How do we guide and support grieving parents? Rites and ceremonies.

-Guidelines on child bereavement for the surviving  parent.

-Blame and shame cycles of parenthood.

– Non- parenthood by choice or fate.

Cerridwen is a role model for devoted motherhood and yet, even She goes through a time when doubt and fear for the safety and well being for Her son lead Her to a series of actions that ultimately bring about pain and suffering.


Cauldron of Transformation

Dedication Weekend: 6th – 8th September 2019   3 Days

Venue: Lake Bala, North Wales

 Meeting and honouring Cerridwen by becoming a Sister or Brother of Cerridwen.

 During this weekend you will be facing the Goddess Herself. It is time to dedicate yourself as Sister/Brother and proceed to Priest-ess Training in the following year. You will be undergoing an ordeal, which will challenge you both mentally and physically. At the end you will have met Cerridwen, asked and received Her blessing and been advised by Her of your future role. This process is between you and the Goddess. Only She knows what is in your heart and in your future.

Once you have received what you need from Her, you will advise us as to what your role will be for the dedication ceremony on Sunday.


The cost for every weekend will be £150. Once your application has been approved, a non- refundable deposit of £150 will be required within 14 days to reserve your place.
Transport, accommodation and food are not included in the costs but can be provided at additional cost.
A list of accomodation in Glastonbury can be provided on request. 

Blessings ♡♡♡

This course is open to both women and men who wish to serve their community as Priestess or Priest of Cerridwen.

The course will comprise of eight training modules, four will be non-residential weekend courses in Glastonbury, three will be homebased self study and one weekend will take place at the home of Cerridwen, Llyn Tegid – Bala Lake in North Wales.

2017/18 – This course will prepare you to step into the role of a community priestess or priest, to deal with diffcult topics and situations, to counsel, advice, teach and lead. Application for the course are now being taken.

Please contact or visit  for further information.

The next course starting October 2018 will be open to beginners.

Advisory: this course will teach the participants to priestess in difficult life situations. You will be dealing with bereavement, divorce, health issues and abuse amongst other adversities and include Rites of Passage ceremonies for Celebrants. The basis for this training is a willingness to look at your own shadow of wounding. You will meet resistances and will need resilience. It is a rewarding opportunity but it can be challenging. Dark mirror work, ritual and healing will be expected. As you will it, so it is done.

Cycle Two:

Recovery and Resistance

 Working with families and loved ones:

We learn to guide and teach to be still, to take time, as much as is needed and not be hurried by loved ones who just want you to be okay. Refreshing the psyche, nurture and nourish it with the help of Goddess, bringing back hope and zest for life is our remit.

The Art of Sacred Listening

Having gone through these healing processes in cycle one ourselves, we expand our learning to understand the limitations, time scales and tools to regain equilibrium, to facilitate the recovery for clients who suffered deep trauma and must now begin to live again, it is our task to aid in this process for all involved: to counsel, to support, to be present, hold space, hold their hand until they feel ready to let go with renewed confidence in their own abilities to stand by themselves, knowing when to let go, keeping detached.

 During this season we will deal with the impact of abuse and trauma on our mind and body. What are triggers, starting point and escalation, the resulting damage, and our role as advisors and counsellors for people who are or have suffered abuse. We learn to identify the right help needed and work with other agencies, whilst maintaining confidentiality and keeping the trust of our client.