Song of Awen

Janet Boudicca Parfitt

Cerridwen, dark mother; tell me about love.
She laughed.
You think love is easy. Love is hard She said.
Real love is a day in, day out graft.
Love is cleaning up the vomit, scraping the poo off the bathroom floor, wiping away the blood.
Real love is not for the weak or cowardly.
Love can make you want to kill the people who bully your ugly son.
Love can make you want to murder the boy who stole the three sacred drops.
Love is not all flowers and honey.
Love can be bitter as bile and twice as poisonous.
Love can twist your guts worse than any stomach ache.
It can leave you in a void of darkness when the loved one goes away.
Love can steal souls.
And yet…and yet…
She shook her head.
Love can bring the greatest joy we can ever possess.
Love transforms us like nothing else.
It can fill us with a boundless life-giving joy.
Like the rose with the thorn you can never truly love someone without pain.
It is the price we pay for love.
But it is so worth it.

This is my poem for the Dark Moon Ritual on 14th Feb.

Crowning the Crone
Freedom is given unto aspirants able to calmly settle into the positive and progressive path of the Transcendent Elders.
The fears and instincts of an animal body in the animal kingdom – which prompts so many actions – no longer hold sway.
Graduation from earth school is heralded by the inner journey, peace and silence supersede the clamour of this brief and fleeting incarnation.
Intuition is heightened, revelatory experience  becomes increasingly clear, natural/persuasive.
To the sincere seeker, finally entrance is given into the rarefied realms of the Immortals!
When relationships here become palpable, personal – even romantic – sincerity ripens into devotion.
Tasting the high love, beauty, ecstasy of these truly divine beings,
within their exulted abode, is the sweet alchemical nectar of Immortality,
which attracts one off the wheel of rebirth and situates them in an Immutable place, where soul is focus and doth the body make free at last.
(Found in Keridwen Room, Goddess House, 2016)
Destiny Calling
The Gods, who are limited only by their limitless imaginations – can, of course, be Women one moment and Men the next!!
If they are about to encounter one who they love – romantically, sweet anticipation will colour their world, their mood, and their form…sun dappled pathways might suddenly appear…fragrant flowers, butterflies and rainbows….the faint tones of joyous music – called upon a summer breeze.
As they drew close, their radiance and beauty becomes increasingly compelling.
Finally, they are flushed with the soft feminine blush and guise of intimate receptivity; their realities coalescing and harmonizing in every way.
Thus, the Gods in their sweetest most poignantly personal persona are – the supreme Goddesses!!!!
(Found in the Keridwen room Goddess House 2016)