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Who’s afraid of the Dark?

Re-empowering the Dark Feminine

Dark Bad – Light Good

What is the darkness about? Typically, growing up in western culture, we have fallen into associating darkness with something negative. However, in the cultures that still have traces of Celtism in their traditions: Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Darkness can be a gift. They speak of a radiant black, the darkness of the womb, a darkness that is fecund, generative, full of life. Living still far more in the arms of the earth they realise the value of that darkness, which we need for life to germinate, darkness of loamy soil, darkness of ink that writes the words of wisdoms on the pages of creation. We close our eyes to concentrate, to sleep, to dream, the darkness rests our eyes and bodies, helps them regenerate lost energy.
It is a darkness that is purity in the Ottoman culture, in the indo European root language the word black means gleaming, so there is that light in this darkness, soft radiant black. I would like you to become aware of how many associations with darkness or black are negative in our culture?

I challenge you to start uncoupling those associations because it is a kind of interiorized racism that also includes the dark deities that every major cultural stream has developed. The goddess Tara has a dark incarnation, Kali the Destroyer is well known to most of us here, here is the Dark Madonna, whose veneration has grown exponentially over the last 20 years.  There is the dark feminine that we as women long for. It is a longing for a wholeness because as a civilisation we have become obsessed with the light, as if there is no darkness, no night in which we rest and dream, because that is something to be afraid of. We banish the night by artificially extending our days with electric light, computer screens, TVs that get bigger and bigger, are on constantly, and of course our smart phone screens that also get larger with every new generation. These screens emit a blue light that has now been linked with the increasing complaints of sleeplessness. The brain is deceived into believing that it is daylight and refuses to rest. The best thing you can do for yourself is not to have any type of screen in your bedroom, but I won’t even ask how many of us have a TV there.

Longing for darkness

When I talk about the longing for darkness, I am really talking about a longing for transformation. In mediaeval alchemy, which the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung studied a great deal, the first stage of the alchemical process is the negredo, the darkening, the blackening. It is a stage of transformation, and one many of us are longing for. A good fruitful darkness. In our western tradition, since the 80s, the image of the Black Madonna, her archetype, has increasingly been rediscovered and been transferred back into our collective consciousness. In mainstream Catholicism she has been venerated, and millions of people have visited the sites where statues of her have been placed centuries ago. Yes, many people talk of this depiction of the Madonna being based on Isis but that is actually a fallacy. Isis, as not many people may know, has a dark sister, Nephtys. It is Her image I believe this black Madonna has been based on. Interestingly, although I have always loved reading about Egyptian deities, it is only recently that Nephtys has come into my awareness. In last year’s goddess conference I spoke about four dark goddesses that I have worked with in my life, to a much larger audience than anyone expected, especially me. Since then it is almost as if these dark goddesses have put the spotlight on me as a channel for their circle, as new Dark Ones contact me on a regular basis, most recently Nephtys. I feel sometimes like I have a dark bright beacon above my head “dark goddesses” land here.

Whether you look at the dark Madonna in Poland, or Italy, or Monserrat in the Catalan region, or Black Sara of the Iberian gypsies of which my abuelo was a devote, or the coal black Madonna in Switzerland. The black Madonnas are not about ethnicity, although that is part of their identity, it is more than that, it is the principle of light and dark in the universe, back to this idea what we need for wholeness, balance.IMG_20180529_114534

Dea: Wise Woman Taltos


Dorina (Dea) is a creative Mystic, Channel, Priestess and Temple Dancer currently living in the UK. She is the co-founder of The Temple of Sacred Arts Mystery school.
Her lineage of Taltos (shaman) and medicine woman, set her on the healer’s path from an early age and led her to pursue her passion for healing with herbs through the study of medicinal and ritual herbalism. Her specific interest is in herbs traditionally used for initiation and spiritual growth, as well as promoting self awareness and feminine healing.
She has been working with Ancient Egyptian Goddess
wisdom since 2009, when she initiated as a Priestess in Philae. She enjoys continuing work with the ancient Egyptian Goddesses ever since.
Magical and ritual herbs
At the conference I will introduce you to some of my favourite ritual herbs and we will discuss the plants medicinal and magical properties, proper and safe use in a ritual setting, explore indigenous traditions and also stories of each herb.
I am looking forward to taking part and sharing my experience with you all.

Bee Helygen – Swynwraig

bee bio pic
From early childhood I have been in contact with the spirits of plant and tree. As a four year old I regularly left the house to climb a tree and gaze at the full moon, much to the disgruntlement of my father, who had to retrieve me at 4 am in the morning. My grandfather, a gitano, would take us into the woods at night, because it was after dark that the forest came to life. He made us sit still, all four of us, to observe the animals, the trees and the Others. Speaking to a tree when times are tough is second nature to me. Tree spirit wisdom is a healing comfort and guidance in my life. Early on in my life I was to meet the woman who taught me to heal with my hands and later, with my aura; first myself and then others. She guided me when my Sight came in at age 14, after the shock of my mother’s sudden death, and kept me from thinking I was going mad. My beloved mother was a faye being for whom life on this planet was just too much, but she left us in good hands with Weini, a wise woman, who knew much and had a remarkable following in our village. I remember people turning up on the back doorstep of our house, consultations in the kitchen with covert exchanges of ‘things’. I can’t remember ever having been to a doctor when I was young but I remember, with a shudder, the brown bottle with thick bitter liquid that came out every time one of us was poorly. None of my siblings or myself ever pretended to be ill to skip school.
As a healer in Goddess House I use some of that knowledge to help the people who wish to heal their body and spirit. We believe that dis-ease comes from the soul, and manifests in the body, and it is there that we must look for answers to help. Using tree discs, cards, crystals and the elements; sounding and toning for detection of imbalances in the body’s flow of energy and to scry for obstacles and blockages, I can find the physical manifestation of the emotional pain and soul disconnection. I can assist on your path towards healing yourself.  Even if the seeker is not aware of the root of their dis-ease, it can be detected with intuition and soul-to-soul bond.

Bee Helygen
Priestess of Avalon and Cerridwen
Swynwraig – Wise Woman (Wales) at Goddess House Glastonbury
Ovate at OBOD
Awenydd (Inspirer) at ADO
Crystal Healer, Bach Flower Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Path Working, Counselling

The Wise Women are gathering in Avalon!

On the 26th of May from 10 am until 4 pm, in the Avalon Room at Glastonbury, the Wise Women are gathering. The daughters will be bringing to you what our Motherline has taught us, and we would invite you to share your stories and wisdom with us all. If you thought the sacred natural healing powers had been lost in the mists of time, you might find this event will change your mind. We are fighting every day to keep our Craft alive, against the might of the multinational pharma companies and the colluding government. Recently our rights have been once again curtailed, find out what that means for us as a nation and as a people. Time is a spiral and the days when wise women were persecuted for their knowledge is returning. This time it is red tape rather than red blood that binds us, the earth heals us and yet we are forbidden once again to accept and pass on Her gifts.

O31641956_245022962740287_7529254811519156224_nur first Key Speaker is Tylluan Penry from Wales: Bendithion!

Tylluan Penry is a solitary pagan witch, independent scholar, publisher and the author of numerous books and magazine articles dealing with many aspects of magic, paganism and folklore. She has also been a popular and regular speaker at various events including Witchfest International, The Artemis Gathering, Witchfest England and Witchfest Wales, together with talks for local groups and the Pagan Federation, and at independent, private events. She is regularly consulted and interviewed by the media for advice in accurately portraying witchcraft and paganism.
Tylluan believes strongly in trying to help other solitaries and those just beginning on their spiritual path. To this end she set up The Wolfenhowle Press in 2011, with the intention of making beautiful, informative and inspiring books about paganism widely available and affordable.
Tylluan is married, has a large family, grandchildren, many pets, an overgrown garden and a gloriously ramshackle house where she lives and dreams with Mr Penry, her love of many lifetimes, in the South Wales Rhondda Valley.
Links: Website: www.thewolfenhowlepress.comYouTube Channel: with the Anglo-Saxon RunesAn Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Magic and WitchcraftKnot Magic

A Little Book of Inspirations

Magical Nature Walks

Sacred Shadows: Ice Age Spirituality

The Magical World of the Anglo-Saxons

Staying on the Old Track

Magic on the Breath

The Essential Guide to Psychic Self Defence

The Magical Properties of Plants – and How to Find Them

Seeking the Green



Dorina Dea Enet


Dorina (Dea) is a creative Mystic, Chanel, Priestess and Temple Dancer currently living in the UK. She is the co-founder of The Temple of Sacred Arts Mystery school.

Her lineage of Taltos (shaman) and medicine woman set her on the healer’s path, from early age and led her to pursue her passion for healing with herbs through studying of medical and ritual herbalism. Her specific interest is in herbs traditionally used for initiation and spiritual growth as well as promote self awareness and feminine healing.

She has been working with Ancient Egyptian Goddess wisdom since 2009 when she initiated as a Priestess in Philae. She enjoys continuing work with the ancient Egyptian goddesses ever since.

Magical and ritual herbs

At the conference I will introduce you to some of my favourite ritual herbs and we will discuss the plant itself, medical and magical properties, as well as proper and safe use in a ritual setting, exploring indigenous traditions  and stories with each herb.

I am looking forward to take part and share my experience on the conference.

To find out more about my work please visit




Mam Ysbrydoliaeth – Mother of Inspiration

Dawn rises, from the darkness a red glow appears on the horizon. Whatever birds are here awaken, and begin to sing their song, calling the day into being.
Like the day gently beginning so it is the time for the light of the new season to arrive. One more dark moon in the dark half of the year and then we are seeing off that time of contemplation, of letting go, and welcome the time of dreaming in a new cycle of the sun.
Mam Ysbrydoliaeth – Mother of Awen – the Inspiratrix, comes to visit our dreams. She taps us with Her staff of magic, bringing us new beginnings, new insights springing from recent integration, fresh ideas, projects, work that we need to do.
As the snow glistens, the sun throws diamond sparkles across the land, the air is clear and crisp. As we breath it in deeply, its cold kiss clears our heads and minds, bringing us into a space of creating.
There is a promise in the air. She vows that if we follow Her divine guidance, She will lead us to our path of bliss, leaving behind any unhappiness from the last cycle, we step forward into the future, where everything is possible.
As the land is covered with fresh snow, we step forward, first traces in the vast pristine field of potentiality. We are the architects of our destiny, the pioneers, the adventurers, exploring the most incredible land of them all… the landscape of our Self. We explore who we can be, where our untapped potential lies, all that we never thought we could do. We jump into the possibilities of our own creations, sowing the seeds that will bring us into our fullness of being.
Walk the land, feel the cleansing power of land to heart connection, of new life quietly but irrepressibly shooting forth.

Listen for Her voice, inspiring you to do great things if you dare. Forget about fear, allow yourself to dive into that invigorating river of Awen that runs through you, discover hidden talents, rediscover what brings you joy.
The time to sit with friends and family, explore, allow dreaming in, rediscover your inner child that had the Goddess given ability to believe that it could conquer the world. They are still the deepest part of you.
Oh, and if it snows where you are…. Create or build Snow Goddesses! Give the neighbours something to puzzle about, dance and giggle and allow that little one to be glad that winter is here.
Blessed Be

On Psychic Attack……

On psychic attack…….

Recently a client came to me complaining that she was under psychic attack. The expression on her face was half hopeful, half defensive, because she obviously thought I might be dismissive of her claim. Far from it, anyone who believes in psychic energy will know that this phenomenon is an utter reality, we use psychic energy to heal, then of course there may be people who use it to harm. But here is the kicker- they may not be doing it consciously. Every time we think well of someone,with love,with good wishes, with positivity, we create an energy wave – think birthdays, weddings, births. This is the reasons why during the Yuletide most of us feel happier, more hopeful, at peace with the world because we think ‘happy thoughts’, on the whole. We send out a wave of hope, love, and well wishing and we all ride that wave. Once the season is finished, all goes back to normal, the wave subsides, which may be the reason why we feel a bit depressed once the holidays are over.

It stands to reason then that each time we think or speak of someone with ill feeling in our heart – be it jealousy, anger, fear, envy – we send that energy into the world, and towards them. We may not even be conscious of these feelings, or wish to admit to them, so they move into the world undetected, unconscious but nevertheless, they are there, present and palpable.

What may not be quite so obvious to all is that each time you allow such feelings to surface and don’t deal with them right away, neutralize them with rational and loving thoughts, whether you then send them out consciously or unconsciously, the energy signature stays with you. Some of that energy residual stays in your energy field, and it can accumulate. Hence the practice of aura cleansing. People who worry about what is sent to them by others usually have the greatest accumulation of self generated ‘bad vibes’ because of what they have emanated. Crystal cleansing , smudging etc., all the practices will only work until the next wave of negative energy comes into the thought process of the person concerned.

A further complication is the energy we generate when we think of ourselves. Our ‘inner critic’ can and does attack us from within. Each time we chastise ourselves for something we did – or didn’t do – we raise energy, negative energy. Since we are often hardest on ourselves we probably are the person who attacks us most of all. So if you find yourself at the business end of your own set down, stop thinking! Stop giving yourself a hard time. Cut yourself some slack. Give yourself some self love, some compassion, some forgiveness. Do question why you feel the need to be so harsh to yourself, or others. Often we hold ourselves to a much higher standard than we would others, and that is good – but don’t be harder on yourself if you fail on occasion to meet your own expectation of YOU.

You can always restart the process, give yourself a good cleaning down and then send yourself, or the person you were ‘psychically attacking’ positive, loving, healing energy. There is rarely an action that can not be mended. Don’t go into the shame cycle again.

Be aware too, that as your light shines more brightly, you will be attracting more of these conscious or unconscious psychic attacks. Be vigilant, check and cleanse your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual body regularly to avoid overload of negative energies that can dim your light. This world needs the light of love, of peace and of connection that you generate. It is a bit like car maintenance, if your headlights are clogged up with dirt and mud so they can not properly do their job of lighting the path for you and others, then it is your responsibility to get them clean. Whether by yourself or with the help of others, as long as they are spotless, and once again fit for purpose, then all is well. The same goes for you. Psychic maintenance is the responsibility of each individual light worker.

So, check yourself today – leave the negativity behind and don’t add to the negative energy in the world by thinking ill of yourself or others.