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Magic and Mayhem at Her Lake

fb_img_1536509941684.jpgSo there we were, 50 druids from the Anglesey Druid Order, all gathered together at Her lake to learn, exchange information, and celebrate all things Cerridwen with ritual and seminars. CPD – Continuous Priestess Development, is such a pleasure when it is combined with a good bardic evening around a big fire, story telling, music and some beverage which may be alcoholic. Kris Hughes gave a rousing talk as always and the lovely Cerri was mistress of proceedings, journey woman and Ritual Priestess. 3 days immersed in all things Cerridwen. I could not have been happier. It all went by too fast though. Meeting up with old friends and new, walking the liminal spaces of Her shoreline, the wind in the trees filled with secret messages from Her was pure magic. The beloved and I cwtched up in the Shepherd’s Hut overlooking the lake, with a toasty warm log burner. Nothing better than camping in style.

At night we stepped into Her lake and called to Cerridwen to bless us with Her divine grace and protection. The Dark Goddess of the Avalonian wheel can be a demanding and firm presence, but She never gives us more than we can cope with. She is the catalyst for our transmutation into the best version of ourselves that we can be. Hers is the cauldron of testing, to serve Her requires great self knowledge, there is no hiding the shadow places within. Courage is the watchword, for Her cauldron will not “boil the food of a coward”. Those stepping up to the pearl encrusted rim of the cauldron better be prepared to have their status quo challenged.

Everything changes when She is involved. She is the Mother of Inspiration alright, expect to have amazing insights that may turn your world upside down. What is in you that fuels the cauldron’s fire? What are you made of? What do you wish to manifest into the world? Creation can be an ecstatic experience but also painful, birthing pangs accompany all new endeavours. Yet, never fear, She is not far and She can always be called upon to lend a helping hand.

As we move into the time of darkness, of nature dying back to decay and make way for new growth, the question is: what will you release, what seeds did not bear fruit this year, what needs to be re-created? As the river of life runs, do you step in with both feet, take a chance? Or do you stand by the shoreline, watching the opportunities flow by?

The Raven and the Serpent, Her animal guides for prophesy, can travel to the depth of Annwfn for you, can retrieve guidance to give you clarity. If you wish to consult with them, write to for a soul reading.