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Magic and Mayhem at Her Lake

fb_img_1536509941684.jpgSo there we were, 50 druids from the Anglesey Druid Order, all gathered together at Her lake to learn, exchange information, and celebrate all things Cerridwen with ritual and seminars. CPD – Continuous Priestess Development, is such a pleasure when it is combined with a good bardic evening around a big fire, story telling, music and some beverage which may be alcoholic. Kris Hughes gave a rousing talk as always and the lovely Cerri was mistress of proceedings, journey woman and Ritual Priestess. 3 days immersed in all things Cerridwen. I could not have been happier. It all went by too fast though. Meeting up with old friends and new, walking the liminal spaces of Her shoreline, the wind in the trees filled with secret messages from Her was pure magic. The beloved and I cwtched up in the Shepherd’s Hut overlooking the lake, with a toasty warm log burner. Nothing better than camping in style.

At night we stepped into Her lake and called to Cerridwen to bless us with Her divine grace and protection. The Dark Goddess of the Avalonian wheel can be a demanding and firm presence, but She never gives us more than we can cope with. She is the catalyst for our transmutation into the best version of ourselves that we can be. Hers is the cauldron of testing, to serve Her requires great self knowledge, there is no hiding the shadow places within. Courage is the watchword, for Her cauldron will not “boil the food of a coward”. Those stepping up to the pearl encrusted rim of the cauldron better be prepared to have their status quo challenged.

Everything changes when She is involved. She is the Mother of Inspiration alright, expect to have amazing insights that may turn your world upside down. What is in you that fuels the cauldron’s fire? What are you made of? What do you wish to manifest into the world? Creation can be an ecstatic experience but also painful, birthing pangs accompany all new endeavours. Yet, never fear, She is not far and She can always be called upon to lend a helping hand.

As we move into the time of darkness, of nature dying back to decay and make way for new growth, the question is: what will you release, what seeds did not bear fruit this year, what needs to be re-created? As the river of life runs, do you step in with both feet, take a chance? Or do you stand by the shoreline, watching the opportunities flow by?

The Raven and the Serpent, Her animal guides for prophesy, can travel to the depth of Annwfn for you, can retrieve guidance to give you clarity. If you wish to consult with them, write to for a soul reading.



Cerridwen Crew opens the Goddess Conference

It was with great pleasure and not a small amount of motherly pride that I watched the beautiful student priestesses and priests of Cerridwen opened the second day of the Goddess Conference. The Goddess Conference was in its 23rd year this year, a gathering of people who are interested in Goddess and wish to know more, held by Priestesses and Priests who walk their path with Her already. This year saw Starhawk return to us with her invaluable teachings. One of our honoured Elders, she had sage advice on topics that vibrate through the community. We need our Elders to step up and guide us with their experience, knowledge and wisdom. Pioneer women and men from whom we can learn a great deal and who will find ways to move us into the future.

I learnt a lot this week, about Goddess, about Sisterhood whilst holding 200-300 people in the process of spiritual development, about myself, about pacing myself and finding my energy levels. It was a journey into Annwfn and back. Now, working with Cerridwen, Annwfn is a different place for me than it is in most people’s understanding. The Otherworld is not a deep dank cave, in which we must suffer disintegration and decay. It is a joyful place, filled with possibilities, of renewal, of cleansing and clearing, like a jet hose shower, refreshing and invigorating. This is possibly why I am not afraid of the dark, I am comfortable in it, I see the pinpricks of light even in the darkest darkness. Those star spots on the firmament during a dark moon night. It is a thing of awe to look up and discover the rays of silver beaming down on us.

Today opens the Lionsgate Portal, I will be up on the Tor with many others to witness, to receive wisdom from Sirius, how to help the human race and my own community to advance on their chosen path. As a Swynwraig the messages from the Ancestors that we may receive are of particular interest, and I have been hearing my grandfather for weeks now. The process of the Lionsgate starts actually on the 4th of July, and it is since then that I have been dreaming of my blood connections, and have been urged to return to my roots or I will never feel completely connected. Our roots are important, strengthening them through daily practice, through faith in Goddess but also through working with the emotional woundings that we receive in our early youth to heal. will assist us in reconnection with the lines of ancestors behind us, and receive their wisdom.

Some people have been suffering from the combination of the energies of the star portal and the record amount of retrograde planets over this period, and the eclipse. Tempers have frayed, betrayal is seen around every corner, and trust bonds have been severed. Ebb and flow, this too shall pass, and we will grow into our highest Self with Her help, there is no doubt in my mind. As long as we stand in our power, act from compassion and loving kindness, model the behaviour we wish to see from all, we do all that we can to soothe the situations that are arising.

Shadow, Carl Jung’s much quoted but not always fully understood concept, is something that we can work with, and once we understand it from our own heart, we can recoup the energy we use to hide it from others and, often, from ourselves. I am a huge fan of the work by Caroline Myss, her shadow course was enormously helpful for me, as it spoke of intuitive work in terms of psychic development that I had hitherto only come across through my beloved Dion Fortune. All of us can come into relationship with our shadow, we can embrace it, we can step away from the fear of it, see it as a part of us that needs our love and compassion as much as the next person. Yet, we often fail to see our own actions-in-reaction when we are shadow driven. Honesty is the key to this work, being honest with ourselves, examining carefully our motivation when we take action after we have felt the vibration of anger, resentment, resistance, disgust. It is the ability to witness our own behaviour,  open our heart to ourselves, allow the healing beams of the energy coming through the Lionsgate from the stars. It is the best time to create ritual for releasing the blocked energies in your heart, if you are feeling resentment, now is the time to let it go. This time it is the Alta Major/Cerebellum Chakra that will be activated as well as the 3rd eye and heart chakra. It is the empath in us feeling the energies, the sensitives and healers are reborn, recalled to heal the pain currently in the world. Empathic gifts are honoured at this time, we love and accept each other for the unique people we are, we learn from each other and teach each other. You may not agree with everything you hear and see but the only way to come to a consensus, and bring peace to all existences, is to hear with an open heart and find common ground.

May the Lionsgate bring you great gifts, blessed be.

On Psychic Attack……

On psychic attack…….

Recently a client came to me complaining that she was under psychic attack. The expression on her face was half hopeful, half defensive, because she obviously thought I might be dismissive of her claim. Far from it, anyone who believes in psychic energy will know that this phenomenon is an utter reality, we use psychic energy to heal, then of course there may be people who use it to harm. But here is the kicker- they may not be doing it consciously. Every time we think well of someone,with love,with good wishes, with positivity, we create an energy wave – think birthdays, weddings, births. This is the reasons why during the Yuletide most of us feel happier, more hopeful, at peace with the world because we think ‘happy thoughts’, on the whole. We send out a wave of hope, love, and well wishing and we all ride that wave. Once the season is finished, all goes back to normal, the wave subsides, which may be the reason why we feel a bit depressed once the holidays are over.

It stands to reason then that each time we think or speak of someone with ill feeling in our heart – be it jealousy, anger, fear, envy – we send that energy into the world, and towards them. We may not even be conscious of these feelings, or wish to admit to them, so they move into the world undetected, unconscious but nevertheless, they are there, present and palpable.

What may not be quite so obvious to all is that each time you allow such feelings to surface and don’t deal with them right away, neutralize them with rational and loving thoughts, whether you then send them out consciously or unconsciously, the energy signature stays with you. Some of that energy residual stays in your energy field, and it can accumulate. Hence the practice of aura cleansing. People who worry about what is sent to them by others usually have the greatest accumulation of self generated ‘bad vibes’ because of what they have emanated. Crystal cleansing , smudging etc., all the practices will only work until the next wave of negative energy comes into the thought process of the person concerned.

A further complication is the energy we generate when we think of ourselves. Our ‘inner critic’ can and does attack us from within. Each time we chastise ourselves for something we did – or didn’t do – we raise energy, negative energy. Since we are often hardest on ourselves we probably are the person who attacks us most of all. So if you find yourself at the business end of your own set down, stop thinking! Stop giving yourself a hard time. Cut yourself some slack. Give yourself some self love, some compassion, some forgiveness. Do question why you feel the need to be so harsh to yourself, or others. Often we hold ourselves to a much higher standard than we would others, and that is good – but don’t be harder on yourself if you fail on occasion to meet your own expectation of YOU.

You can always restart the process, give yourself a good cleaning down and then send yourself, or the person you were ‘psychically attacking’ positive, loving, healing energy. There is rarely an action that can not be mended. Don’t go into the shame cycle again.

Be aware too, that as your light shines more brightly, you will be attracting more of these conscious or unconscious psychic attacks. Be vigilant, check and cleanse your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual body regularly to avoid overload of negative energies that can dim your light. This world needs the light of love, of peace and of connection that you generate. It is a bit like car maintenance, if your headlights are clogged up with dirt and mud so they can not properly do their job of lighting the path for you and others, then it is your responsibility to get them clean. Whether by yourself or with the help of others, as long as they are spotless, and once again fit for purpose, then all is well. The same goes for you. Psychic maintenance is the responsibility of each individual light worker.

So, check yourself today – leave the negativity behind and don’t add to the negative energy in the world by thinking ill of yourself or others.