Dear Reader

My name is Bee. I am a Goddess loving woman, mother, sister, wife, who has been blessed to have experience in many different paths of alternative spirituality. I am a full time Priestess here in Avalon, Glastonbury. My life is in service of Goddess and our community.

I trained with Erin Mc Cauliffe and Kathy Jones at the Goddess Temple for three years to become a Priestess. I continued my learning with Kathy’s Emotional Healing course and qualified as a teacher of this complementary therapy. I am a member of the Temple Weavers, who run the Goddess Temple day to day business. As a therapist I work in Goddess House Healing Centre in Glastonbury, using intuitive, crystal, sound, soul and energy healing. As a qualified Reiki healer I also work with patients in hospitals to aid in their recovery, primarily with the Elderly and Cancer Care. I also dive deeper into the realm of seership, embodiment and Trance Mediumship, helping others with soul readings using cards and the elements.

I teach, I learn, I practise, I experience and I write about these activities when I feel I have something worthwhile to share. I hope you enjoy reading my offerings.

In peace and love.

Blessed Be

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