Dear Reader

My name is Bee. I am a Goddess loving Pagan who has been blessed to have experience of many different paths in this spirituality. I am a teacher by profession and vocation, a trainer, a mother, a wife, a sister and a friend.

My life is mostly lived in Glastonbury, where I lay my head, although my roots are still in Wales, the rest of my body bridging the gap between these two places. In truth, once the Isles of Albion were the realm of the Brythonic Celts hence we are all tribe.

I am a practicing Priestess of Avalon here, having trained under Kathy Jones and the Goddess Temple for three years. I continued my learning with Kathy’s Emotional Healing course and qualified as a teacher of this complementary therapy. I am a member of the Temple Weavers, who run the Goddess Temple day to day business. As a therapist I work in Goddess House Healing Centre in Glastonbury, using intuitive, crystal, sound, soul and energy healing. As a qualified Reiki healer I also work with patients in hospitals to aid in their recovery, primarily with the Elderly and Cancer Care. I also dive deeper into the realm of seership, embodiment and Trance Mediumship, helping others with soul readings using cards and the elements.

I teach, I learn, I practise, I experience and I write about these activities when I feel I have something worthwhile to share. I hope you enjoy reading my offerings.

In peace and love.

Blessed Be

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