Monthly Archives: March 2019

Soul Healing – my own and others – Priestessing Death

So, I decided to go back, back to the beginning, to take my own power and stretch my wings, expand my capabilities.
New training courses, both taken and created, inform my chrysalis. I know where I want to go, and I am walking the path towards it. Last week has seen several meetings that made me feel like I can, I am good enough, smart enough, brave enough.
I joined the revolution and we are stepping onto the barricades. Hiding our light is no longer an option, we need to shine into the world. We have been called by the highest power I know: Goddess, and we all answered that call at one point in time. Love is the key..says She. Love of all existences. That is the mystery and the secret of a happy, fulfilled life. How will it manifest? Watch this space.

All that I know and all that I love will be offered with gratitude and reverence for Her presence in my life. It has always been thus and She has never steered me wrong, and even supplied the abundance needed to create it. Who am I to question why She chose me? I am certainly not Her only choice, but I showed up when I was called 15 years ago and I still show up each new day. Maybe that is why She has always provided me with what I need to walk Her beauty way, forging connections and shining Her love into the world. The tag line for this endeavour is: in the Lady we trust. Lady of Lake Bala, Gwraig Annwn, Wise Woman of the Otherworld, Midwife of Souls, Threshold Keeper of liminal places, Swynwraig – Magic woman.

Now I return to my passion, the care of the dying, serving as their Advocate and Psychopomp as they move through and beyond the threshold. What we do, we do for love. Unconditional, powerful, miraculous, transforming love.