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Death and Memory….

Who is afraid of the Mari Lwyd? Not me!!! As you can see from the photos below.

Our visit to Anglesey a week ago was a treat for a busy Priestess, I have had very little time off this year from my service here in Avalon/Glastonbury, to the many visitors who come to the Goddess Temple. Today I found myself writing to a client “Sometimes No is the way to go” and then realized that Cerridwen was sending me a personal message through a different channel.
The last year has been difficult for so many people, the cosmic confluences were intense, and astrologically speaking this was the year of alchemical transformation, as Jupiter travelled through Scorpio. Today Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, my own star sign,  and our ruling planet, it brings with it purpose and meaning, faith, optimism, belief, abundance, luck and generosity. Phewww, we made it and it is going upwards from here, much needed after the tough times we have faced and braved.
In the last few weeks many souls have left the planet, either self elected or through illness. It has been a hard time for us Priestesses here in Avalon, we have held so many people in their grief and suffering and continue to do so. As a recalled Death Priestess, something that was reaffirmed when I recently stood in the Hypogeum in Malta and was welcomed as such by the spirits there, I often get asked for advice on moving on the souls that are in a state of shock, or confusion, by their manner of departing their vessel. It’s the life I chose but there is a necessity for self care that I don’t often apply to myself, which worries friends and loved ones. We Avalonians talk a lot of letting go of unhelpful behaviour patterns, and we must walk our talk, so for the last few days I have declined any requests for appointments or meetings. A healer must be a clear channel and when we are exhausted, depleted, unwell, it is the moment for a self prescribed time out, without feeling that we have let people down, or are self indulgent.

So, whilst we travelled up to Anglesey from Glastonbury, to meet up with a bunch of awesome druids from the Anglesey Druid Order, of which both I and the beloved are members, I took real time to look around and appreciate the beauty of the autumnal landscape of Wales. It was divine, in the very sense of the word: of or like a god(dess). The trees are a riot of russet, gold, deep emerald green, just perfect before the falling. “We can learn a lot from the trees” is one of the main tenets of the Cerridwen Priestess training. The trees are a brilliant example on how to rest gracefully, and determinedly.
This is the time of death and decay in nature, a time to rest, a time to take stock of your life and let go of things, situations, people that just don’t nourish you, don’t inspire you towards your best Self, guide and support you towards your soul purpose and subsequent inner peace. There is no blame or shame in letting go if you do so with grace and gratitude. Death of a friendship, of a realtionship, of a person, an animal companion, is hard but if we fight it and get overwhelmed by grief, it does not serve us or them. Instead, at this time of the veils thinning, we remember the loves of our lives, past and present, and we honour them by speaking their name, singing their soul song once again and telling people we know now of their essence, of what we loved about them. When they are remembered in such a way, whether they are Goddesses, people, animals… they carry on living. In the memory of my ancestors, especially Maria, my beloved mother, do I celebrate at this time my love and life. Bendithion Calan Gaef i bawb.

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