Author: Ana

Poem: The Face of Cerridwyn

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The Face of Cerridwyn As the death of each loved onefills the burial field of old age,our hearts drip our own life blood -slowly, gracefully, lovinglyinto the cauldron of Cerridwyn.Each drop mourns our loss, feeds our own certain death, resounds our transformations as her dark visage starkly faceseach and every one of us.Drop, drop, dropping into her abyss,we are […]


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Song of Awen Cerridwen, dark mother; tell me about love.She laughed.You think love is easy. Love is hard She said.Real love is a day in, day out graft.Love is cleaning up the vomit, scraping the poo off the bathroom floor, wiping away the blood.Real love is not for the weak or cowardly.Love can make you […]